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Chapter Two: Market Disruptors

Can Blockchain Improve Trust in Digital Advertising?

Integral Ad Science explores the benefits and challenges of implementing an industry-wide blockchain to improve trust within the digital advertising supply chain. 


How to Get Ahead of the Game - Gaming as a Media Channel

From creative freedom to the ability to reach elusive audiences, Peter Jacobs and Luke Aldridge, Client Partners at Dentsu Aegis Network, take a look at what makes gaming’s offering distinct.


Market Disruptors

Why Influencer Marketing Will Continue to Thrive

How have brands such as Glossier and Telfar cultivated communities of brand ambassadors to build brand loyalty? Reena Rai, Pinterest’s Creator Lead explains.



How AVOD is set to change the current connected TV market

Ad based video-on-demand services are growing in popularity and allow advertisers to reach engaged viewers in a quality, contextual environment. Here Rakuten explore the possibilities for brands



The Future of Mobile Apps

What does the advent of 5G mean for mobile apps and how can marketers in this space unlock growth? Impact’s Marketing Director Owen Hancock fills us in.



Branded Content: There’s more to influencer marketing than influence

Ben Jeffries, CEO of Influencer, explains how marketers can leverage content creators through more than just their followings, and authentically reach their target audiences through branded content.



A Practical Guide to Conversations

Cavai shares practical ways that advertisers can get the most out of conversational advertising, including how to develop and deepen relationships with consumers.


Market Disruptors

The TV Viewership Shift & What It Means for Advertisers

How can advertisers utilise data to inform Connected TV strategies? Join us as Samsung Ads examine the market and draw on new research to help advertisers tune into CTV.



The Emergence of Voice Search

With the world of voice evolving at a rapid rate, how can advertisers leverage voice apps? Steff Preyer, Business Director at Rabbit & Pork, TIPi Group’s specialist voice experience agency, explains.



The Rise of Short-Form Video & the Gen Z Social Revolution

Short form video is here to stay and it brings great benefits for brands, says TikTok's Head of Product Marketing - Europe, Kris Boger.



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Next Chapter: Intelligent Connectivity

In this chapter we will be examining the technological and methodological innovations that will help us adapt to the demands of an increasingly interconnected world. From cross-channel attribution to the birth of 5G, we’ll be looking into how you can future-proof your activity as we enter deeper into the digital age.



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