So, you think you might be a #Clickhead?

We’ve drawn on neuroscience to outline the six signs you might be a Clickhead - and what you can do about it

Clickheads pamphlet

6 signs you might be a #Clickhead

Measuring digital performance can be tricky at the best of times and there is the ever-present urge for marketers to revert to click-through rates – short-term vanity metrics that keep things simple but will only tell you a small part of the story. We’ve identified six behaviours and biases that are signs of a Clickhead, along with some easy next steps for what to do if you think this could be you.

IAB UK's in-house clickhead coach advice film

Hear from our Clickhead coach

The IAB is always here to support industry Clickheads. In our new series of short films, our in-house Clickhead coach drills down into the key behaviour patterns to be aware of and how you can take steps towards healthy digital measurement. Don't forget to share with those you suspect are slipping into bad measurement habits.

Don't be a clickhead

Measure Better

Ditch the clicks and embrace digital metrics that mean more. Our Measurement Toolkit is the perfect place to get better acquainted with what different strategies can achieve and the key considerations to help you make the right choice for your objectives.

Ideal for reformed clickheads and those just looking for more detail on what digital metrics can do. 

#Clickheads invited to self-diagnose and seek support as IAB UK launches new campaign

Our members take on measurement

From gauging online audiences post-cookie to the psychology of why we love a CTR, catch up on our members perspectives in a raft of research-led, measurement-based content for National Anti-Click-Through Rate Day.


Democratising incrementality measurement at the7stars

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Clickbait is not a game

by AdInMo


Putting Experience & People Before Clicks: designing for virtual worlds

by Frameplay


Saying goodbye to CTR to supercharge your digital marketing campaigns

by iCrossing UK

The Kite Factory

Don't click on this article

by The Kite Factory

The Ozone Project

Effective measures of success in digital advertising

by The Ozone Project


Why is measurement so important in a cookieless world?

by Silverbullet


Don't be Blinded by CTR: these metrics may be more valuable

by Taboola

twogether / encore

Kicking the click-through addiction: a B2B marketing view

by twogether Creative Ltd and Encore Digital Media

From the Clickhead archives

Catch up on our past Clickheads campaigns by watching the below videos. 

IAB data-ing app


For Valentine's Day 2022, we took the deceit out of data-ing with the IAB Data-ing app by bringing to life different digital metrics and allowing advertisers to discover the truth behind them – including those that are not always what they seem. 

NACTR 2020


One year on from its UK debut, National Anti-Click-Through Rate Day returned to call out over-use of click-through-rates and mix up advertising measurement strategies. Remember, click-through rates only tell half the story. 



On the first National Anti-Click-Through Rate Day in 2019, IAB UK worked with industry insiders to infiltrate every media agency in London and banish click-through rates from client reports. Watch what happened.

More on measurement

These pullouts and case studies provide guidance and consolidate current best practices on measuring digital advertising in the context of other media – they help explain how to measure digital channels correctly by using the best tools and methodologies available.  

Measurement Tools

Measurement Tools

A handy summary of the essential tools you need in your measurement strategy.



Make sure you’re set up for measurement success with this useful step-by-step checklist.

Organise your data

Organise your data

Map out all sources of campaign data using this grid.

Unified Framework

Unified Framework

A helpful reminder of the customer lifecycle, timeframes and actionable touchpoints.


Shark I Ninja

American vacuum manufacturer Shark wanted to understand how combining TV and social media improves brand awareness.



EE wanted a data-backed explanation of the relationship between online media and offline sales.


Clothing Retailer

A clothing retailer wanted to assess the potential sales contribution of increasing investment in digital.



Econometrics provided Wall’s the ideal tool to compliment the measurement of brand lift studies and awareness. 

Rediscover the joy of digital advertising

Champion connections instead of clicks. Capture audiences' imaginations, not just their attention. Boldly move to your own beat instead of letting tech set the pace. It’s time to rediscover the joy of digital.