Measurement Guide and Toolkit

Our Guide and Toolkit to Measuring Digital Advertising in a Multi-Media Context is your starting-point to becoming a Measurement guru

Why clicks and cookies won’t cut it

Writing for The Drum, our CMO James Chandler explains why we are at a crossroads in digital ad measurement. With the end of third-party cookies and consumers’ changing digital habits, cutting the clicks has never been more important.

Mindshare podcast tile

Prove and Improve: Mindshare's Andy Bellis talks measurement

As National Anti-Click-Through Rate Day returns for a third time, we’re once again looking to the future of measurement and placing clicks firmly in the past. In this special episode, James is joined by Andy Bellis, Mindshare UK's Director of Performance Analytics (aka, all round measurement maestro) to talk left-side versus right-side metrics and digital’s brand building capabilities.

Don’t be a #clickhead

Remember click-through rates only tell half the story. Watch our video and find out how you can take a stand against short term vanity metrics.


Measure Better

Once you’ve admitted you might be a #clickhead, our Toolkit to measuring digital advertising in a multi-media context is your starting-point to becoming a measurement guru.

It also serves as a handy reference manual for when you want to refresh your knowledge and put its guidance into practice.  

National Anti-Click-Through Rate Day

On the first National Anti-Click-Through Rate Day in 2019, IAB UK worked with industry insiders to infiltrate every media agency in London and banish click-through rates from client reports. Here’s what happened:

Pullouts and Case Studies

These pullouts and case studies provide guidance and consolidate current best practices on measuring digital advertising in the context of other media – they help explain how to measure digital channels correctly by using the best tools and methodologies available.  

Measurement Tools

Measurement Tools

A handy summary of the essential tools you need in your measurement strategy.



Make sure you’re set up for measurement success with this useful step-by-step checklist.

Organise your data

Organise your data

Map out all sources of campaign data using this grid.

Unified Framework

Unified Framework

A helpful reminder of the customer lifecycle, timeframes and actionable touchpoints.


Shark I Ninja

American vacuum manufacturer Shark wanted to understand how combining TV and social media improves brand awareness.



EE wanted a data-backed explanation of the relationship between online media and offline sales.


Clothing Retailer

A clothing retailer wanted to assess the potential sales contribution of increasing investment in digital.



Econometrics provided Wall’s the ideal tool to compliment the measurement of brand lift studies and awareness. 

More on Measurement


More Measurement

Articles, opinions, podcasts and much more to find out about measurement.

Measurement Metrics

Meaningful Metrics

The IAB's measurement team walk you through some better ways of measuring success than ineffective old CTR.


Audio and CTR

Digital Audio continues to grow as does investment in audio strategies. CTR is not the way to measure this.


A Tale of CTR

One of our members recalls an unpleasant day in the history of click-through rates. 

Why digital advertising works

Discover why digital advertising is effective for reaching your customers and building brands.