Transparency in digital advertising

Increased transparency in the digital advertising supply chain is important as this makes it easier for buyers to understand where value is added and in turn reward those companies that add most value. This is an important element of our overall vision to build a sustainable future for digital advertising.


How does it work?

Transparency is a key element of our vision to build a sustainable future for digital advertising. Here's how it works.


Read the FAQs

Which companies have completed the Transparency FAQs? View the member profiles and see the responses.


Complete the FAQs

For more information on the Transparency FAQS you can get in touch here.

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ISBA Study Response

Read our statement in response to ISBA and PwC's ‘Supply Chain Study’ released 6 May 2020.

Transparency in the supply chain

Programmatic: the basics

Are you interested in learning more about transparency in the supply chain? We have developed a handy guide to understanding programmatic. Take a look at the different stages in the supply chain and what they do. 


Phil Smith, Director General of ISBA

"ISBA welcomes the IAB’s new Transparency FAQs initiative. In a complex media environment, voluntary disclosure of this sort will help advertisers make comparisons and understand the differences between ad tech providers" - January 2019


Nigel Gwilliam, IPA

"The IPA supports initiatives that increase clarity in the advertising market and as such welcomes the IAB’s new Transparency FAQs as they help agencies understand the role of companies in the ad tech space." - January 2019

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