The Future of Targeting & Measurement

With third-party identifiers becoming increasingly obsolete, what options do advertisers have when it comes to targeting and measuring their online audiences? We explore what’s happened to date and guide you through the strategies available

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Targeting & measurement: The story so far

Across browsers and in-app environments, third-party identifiers are being phased out and the digital ad industry is recalibrating how to effectively target and measure audiences online. Get up-to-speed on what’s happened so far, why targeting and measurement frameworks are changing and what the loss of identifiers such as third-party cookies mean for the future of digital advertising.

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Understanding the targeting & measurement ecosystem

The deprecation of third-party cookies and mobile identifiers is not going to result in a single replacement solution. Here we map out some of the options advertisers have to choose from and the key considerations for each.

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Directory of targeting & measurement tools

Delve into the main targeting and measurement products that are currently in the market. Use this directory to find out more about what’s on offer from IAB UK members, as well as who you should get in touch with.

News & Views

Discover latest news relating to the deprecation of third-party identifiers and development of alternative targeting and measurement strategies.

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What's next? Targeting & measurement FAQs

How do you find the strategy that’s right for you? What’s IAB UK doing? And what are regulators saying? In this Q&A, we answer questions and provide further resources to help support your business.

Why digital advertising works

Discover why digital advertising is effective for reaching your customers and building brands.