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Access to events

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As Brexit becomes an ever greater unknown, our Brexit hub helps you cut through the noise to help prepare.

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Make a difference

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Engage highlights film

Gender data bias, the year of mobile, combining creativity & technology... we covered it all. Missed it & want to catch up? Or just fancy reliving the magic? Get up to speed here.

Caroline Engage speaking 2019

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Make sure you don't miss out on our upcoming seminars, workshops and courses. We have specialists in the industry talking to you about trends, future insights, creativity, and lots more... what's more, our seminars are free for all members, agencies and advertisers #iabargain


Video 101

This workshop has been created to emphasise how brands can use digital video as part of a successful advertising campaign.

Diversion Equality and Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Building a fair and balanced workplace has never been more important. Join us for a morning of inspiration and advice.

Affiliate Marketing workshop

Affiliate Marketing

This workshop will help you to brush up on the basics of affiliate as well as the real need to know stuff.

Wellbeing Seminar

Wellbeing Seminar

How can employers create the right workplace environment? What steps to improving our wellbeing can we make?

IAB UK Gold Standard

One year on from the launch of the IAB UK Gold Standard, over 81 companies have become Gold Standard Certified. The Gold Standard is a key part of our commitment to building a sustainable future for digital advertising and has three simple but fundamental aims - to reduce ad fraud, to improve the digital advertising experience and to increase brand safety.

Find out which companies have already become Gold Standard Certified and more about registering.


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