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The IAB works to build a sustainable future for digital advertising. As part of this, we proactively engage with policy-makers and regulators as well as monitoring and responding to all relevant developments, promoting the industry, tackling the challenges it faces and ensuring the views of our members are heard


Q&A: What does an online HFSS ad ban mean?

From what food and drink is caught by the ban to how it could impact you, and what happens next, we answer some of the most pressing HFSS-related questions. Last updated, November 2020.

Addressing the ICO’s ‘Update Report’


Our response to the ICO's ad tech & RTB report

Read our response to the ICO’s findings about the use of personal data in real-time bidding.


Digital Advertising Guide: cookies, consent & the GDPR

As part of our actions to address the ICO’s ‘Update report’, this guide covers the rules relating to cookies and other similar technologies for digital advertising. 


Digital Advertising Guide: special category data & the GDPR

What is special category data, how might it arise in digital advertising, and what are the restrictions on its processing under the GDPR?


DPIAs under the GDPR

Data protection impact assessments: When are they required? And what does a good DPIA process look like for the digital advertising industry?

On the agenda

In an industry that moves quickly and a political environment that remains uncertain, we’re here to represent our members to policy makers, be a unified voice and build initiatives that help build trust and transparency across the industry.

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Industry-specific advice and up-to-date news on the UK’s changing relationship with the European Union.


Privacy & GDPR

Information, guides and checklists on how to ensure your business is complying with the General Data Protection Regulation. 

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Gold Standard

Find out how we’re tackling ad fraud, improving brand safety and bringing businesses together.



Boosting transparency in the digital supply chain is vital to improving understanding and trust in our industry. 


It is core to our mission to make the complex simple and to make sure our members have access to all the latest information on regulation, consultations and relevant events. Dive into our resources to make sure you’re the go-to on policy in your workplace.

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Jargon Buster

Digital policy can often seem like a different language. Visit our Jargon Buster to ensure you keep on top of it. 

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Consultation responses

Here you can find all of our submissions and responses to consultations and calls for evidence from Government, regulators and Select Committees.

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Research and reports

Take a look at our latest research, reports and infographics – addressing all areas of digital.

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Policy Focus

Our monthly members email summarising the latest policy developments on all things digital. Read past editions here.

Parliamentary work

Working across Westminster and Whitehall, we aim to make sure the industry’s voice is being heard and to educate policy-makers about all aspects of the digital advertising industry. Take a look at our latest activity: 

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Roundtable event

We host events in parliament throughout the year. You can read the write-up of our most recent roundtable below.

Lord Gilbert

Gold Standard

Lord Gilbert and Lord Gordon both praised our Gold Standard initiative on the floor of the House of Lords. 

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Educational event

Last year, we hosted an educational event for parliamentarians alongside Nigel Huddleston MP.

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The Debating Group

We hosted a debate in parliament on the role of advertising in keeping the internet free and open.

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Search the archive

If you’d like to know more about how we’re representing the digital advertising industry via our policy work, search our archive of news articles and updates. 

Why digital advertising works

Discover why digital advertising is effective for reaching your customers and building brands.