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Engage 2018: Moving Forward

Thursday 7 June

Our Engage conference helps us to celebrate digital and think about what we do in future, and how we do it better.

We’ve curated a range of unconventional views to challenge perspectives on what the digital future holds, from industry provocateur Tom Goodwin to Polly Curtis, editor-in-chief of HuffPost.

Engage 2018

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Behavioural Science

Behavioural Science course

This one day course will introduce delegates to the fascinating world of behavioural science. We will bring you the latest research into decision-making and demonstrate many practical examples as applied to the digital media, marketing, advertising and sales.

Who Should Attend?

This course is intended for delegates with media, sales or marketing experience, and who wish to discover how the latest principles of behavioural science can be applied to influence engagement and buying behaviours of their audiences and/or customers.

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Video trends

Video Trends Seminar

The IAB’s latest adspend figures showed that the video market, in H1 2017, was worth a whopping £699 million - a rise of 45.6% year on year. Online video has firmly established itself as the ultimate story telling medium, but in 2018 what key trends should marketers be focusing on to connect with their audiences and get ahead of the curve? In this seminar expect to hear from industry experts, sourced from the IAB’s Video Steering Group, all about the hot video topics – expect to hear about creativity, VR, AR, measurement and everything in between!

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Keith Weed

Engage: Moving Forward

In the last 20 years, technology has fundamentally changed how we perceive and engage with the world around us. This change brings progress but also presents new challenges and questions on a daily basis.

Engage is the ultimate antidote, helping us to celebrate digital and think about what we do in future, and how we do it better.

We’ve curated a range of unconventional views to challenge perspectives on what the digital future holds, from industry provocateur Tom Goodwin to Polly Curtis, editor-in-chief of HuffPost. We’ll also be hearing revolutionary views from Unilever’s Keith Weed and the dynamic truth-seeking Stacey Dooley. Check out our speakers and book your seats before we sell out.


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Content Marketing June 2018

Content Marketing June 2018

This training course is especially designed for brands, agencies and media owners with some experience/knowledge of working with content-based campaigns. 

What Should You Expect?

  • To understand the role of content marketing within the marketing mix

  • To plan, create, execute and measure effective content marketing programmes

  • To inspire creativity in digital advertising and disseminate best practice

  • To highlight latest thinking and inform of new developments


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User experience

User Experience Seminar

This seminar, shaped by the IAB’s Industry Groups, will explore how to get the balance between user experience and monetisation right.

You’ll come away with the knowledge, and know how, to make informed decisions about how to get the user experience right for your business.

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Programmatic Seminar

Programmatic Essentials June

The digital display market has been rapidly ‘going Programmatic’ and soon, this will also affect traditional media channels (OOH, TV, Radio).

This course is for those in sales who need to know more about what they are up against when they start to hear from their agencies that spend will no longer come their way ‘because it has all gone Programmatic’ or ‘has all gone to the internal Trading Desk’; or alternatively those who need to be aware of what the changes might mean for their businesses, and what they can do about it.


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Diversity Seminar

Diversity Seminar

Beyond the issue of gender, inclusion and diversity creates equal opportunities for everyone, increases innovation and builds a competitive advantage by driving better business performance.

The benefits of diversity are clear, but how do we create the right culture to enable us to do it?

Join us at our diversity seminar where our speakers will showcase why diversity is so important, what they are doing within their organisations and the powerful impact that has made, giving you the inspiration to make a positive change in your organisation and as an industry.

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Online to Offline

Online to Offline Seminar

Retailers are awakening to the importance of having access to online and offline data, which in turn gives great insight into the habits and preferences of their customers.

While many high street retailers are expanding their offering online, many online retailers are investing in bricks and mortar.

2018 will see retailers really shrinking the gap between online e-commerce and physical retail, allowing customers to have a seamless experience online or offline.

Join us at our online to offline seminar where we will bring your the latest industry insights and future trends in this expanding and growing space.

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Automotive Seminar

Automotive Seminar

When it comes to automotive, research plays a huge part of the purchase process, so with the right tools, marketers can grab their audiences’ attention at the right time. As the digital world grows with VR, AR and IoT coming into play and consumers researching on smaller screens, how can brands stand out?

Buying high priced items online is becoming a regular occurrence, so it is important for the automotive industry to keep up to date with all the possibilities that are out there. At our Automotive Vertical Snapshot specialists in the industry will be talking you through the best ways to target the right audience online for the automotive sector.

We hope to see you there!

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Wellbeing Seminar

Wellbeing is certainly something that companies are now starting to talk about which is a great thing.  And no wonder, looking after an employee’s wellbeing, not only gives you a happier well-rounded employee more equipped to deal with the daily stresses of a working day, but it saves the company money with a higher rate of employee retention.

Employees who have emotional and physical health are more likely to be committed to their jobs. Because they feel supported and appreciated by their employers, they are more willing to go that extra mile, knowing their efforts will be rewarded.
The benefits of wellbeing are clear, but how as employers do we create the right environment to look after our employees, and as an employee what are the things we can do to improve our mental and physical health?

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