IAB UK Guide to our Groups

IAB UK groups offer our members regular opportunities to come together with other leading members of the industry to network, share ideas, collaborate on challenges, and tackle big industry issues

The groups offer a forum for IAB UK members to develop standards and deliver educational and inspiring resources about their specialisms, which could not be achieved by one company alone. 

To find out more about our groups or to get involved email [email protected]  


Ad Tech 

Formerly our Display & Data Steering Group, this group is evolving in 2021 to offer regular networking opportunity with other leading members of the ad tech industry. 

The role of the group is to help build buy-side trust in the programmatic supply chain. 

In 2021 the group will focus on User ID, buy-side trust, consent, transparency, and support of developing programmatic platforms like CTV and DOOH. 

This group is led by Rachel Arch. Get in touch at [email protected] 


Affiliates & Partnerships  

The Affiliates & Partnerships Group's role is to promote the channel through best practice, standards and education

The key focus for 2021 will be privacy and tracking, buyside education and consent. 

This group is led by Shayan Sacki. Get in touch at [email protected] 



The Audio Group’s objective is to continue to grow the market by demonstrating to the industry the workings, unique strengths and nuances of digital audio channels. 

The group will help input into the IAB’s support of the audio sector when we host our Audio Specialism week in Q3 in 2021. 

This group is led by Catherine Cribbin. Get in touch at [email protected] 


Connected TV 

The Connected TV group’s role is to educate the market and help navigate the convergence of linear broadcast and digital video ecosystems. 

Members will input into the IAB’s support of the CTV sector in 2021 when we host our CTV Specialism week in Q4 in 2021. 

This group is led by Catherine Cribbin. Get in touch at [email protected]


Contextual Targeting

The objective of the group is to educate brands on the importance and execution of contextual targeting and the benefits it can offer advertisers. 

This group is led by Catherine Cribbin. Get in touch at [email protected] 


Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) 

The objective of the group is to help the DOOH market grow and mature as a programmatic channel and establish its role within the wider digital media mix. 

Get in touch at [email protected]



The Gaming Group was created in 2020 to support the growth of gaming marketing as a competitive and viable media channel. 

Group members will help input into the IAB’s support of the gaming sector in 2021 when we host our Gaming Specialism week in Q2 in 2021. 

Get in touch at [email protected]


Inclusion, Diversity & Equity  

The aim of this group is to work towards building a digital advertising industry that is for everybody by making diversity and inclusion a priority across the sector.  

Members share the work they have done in this space, collaborate to produce useful best practice guides and learn about relevant initiatives. 

This group is for anyone who has an active role in implementing inclusion, diversity and equity plans within their business and can contribute to the conversation to share learnings.

This group is led by Sophia Haynes. Get in touch at [email protected] 


Mobile In-App  

The Mobile In-App Group’s objective is to continue to grow the market, through explaining to the industry the workings, unique strengths, and nuances of the in-app channel. 

Get in touch at [email protected]



The role of this group is to celebrate digital advertising in the North of the UK, highlighting opportunities for growth and recognising achievements. This group is for IAB members who work in the North of the UK.

This group is led by Catherine Cribbin. Get in touch at [email protected] 



The publisher group exists to provide IAB publisher members with a platform to share the publisher point of view on key issues and highlight the advantages to advertisers of working with premium publishers – for example in areas such as contextual targeting, trust and brand safety.

The group is led by Tim Elkington. Get in touch at [email protected]


Regulatory Affairs & Public Policy

IAB UK’s Regulatory Affairs Group works to promote a policy environment that will support a sustainable digital advertising industry. 

Areas covered include data protection and privacy policy, industry self-regulation, copyright and brand safety, marketing to children and disclosure. 

This group is run by our Policy and Regulatory Affairs team. For more information, contact [email protected] 



The Research Group provides a forum for members to gain an in depth understanding of IAB research initiatives, advise on projects where appropriate, and discuss research challenges with a like-minded audience.

This group is run by Stephanie Clarke. Get in touch at [email protected] 



The Search Group’s role is to ensure the market maintains its investments in search and continues to embrace the latest innovations within search marketing by educating brands on the value of SEM and redefining best practices for the future. 

Get in touch at [email protected]



The Social Group’s role is to ensure the market maintains its investment in paid social by sharing and educating on the latest innovations, best practices, formats and platforms and supporting brands in achieving their aims via the medium. 

Get in touch at [email protected]


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