Interested in catching up on the latest in the gaming industry? We've compiled our most recent work with members in the sector to provide in-game insights, inspiration and guidance on how to harness this rapidly expanding channel

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“Gaming is no longer a test and learn addition at the bottom of the media plan”, declared James Chandler, IAB UK’s CMO, at Gaming Upfronts 2023. The immersive nature of in-game advertising, combined with its high attention rates and diverse audiences have resulted in the channel becoming an established part of many advertisers’ strategies. Brands that are entering this space in the right way are working with creators to achieve authenticity, add value to the gaming experience, and stand out via immersive, playful creative. So what do you need to know to play it right? Here we pull together research, case studies and advice from IAB UK and our members to help you harness gaming effectively.

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Gaming Upfronts

Every October, Gaming Upfronts brings together leading players in this space to share new launches, valuable insights and advice on all things gaming

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IAB Compass: Gaming

According to IAB Compass, gaming ad spend in the UK could reach £2.96bn by 2026. Explore the report and find actionable recommendations

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The Evidence

A hub of effectiveness research and real-life case studies with brands including Tesco and Levi’s to help inspire your in-game strategy

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Gaming & Esports Advertising Framework

As the gaming advertising market experiences rapid growth, we collaborated with our members and industry partners from the UK, Europe, and the US to develop a consolidated advertising framework for gaming and esports. Our objective is to enhance communication and facilitate clearer interactions throughout the advertising supply chain, fostering sustainable and efficient growth as the gaming ad market continues to evolve.

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Gaming Guide

Produced in collaboration with the IAB UK Gaming Group, our Gaming Guide addresses essential elements that advertisers must be aware of to execute successful gaming campaigns. Gain insights into audiences, formats, and metrics, along with strategies to enhance your messaging within the gaming community. This comprehensive guide encompasses advertising prospects within the game, around the game, and beyond the game.


Our members on gaming

The IAB UK Member Vault provides a platform for our members to exchange blogs, research, events, and more. Take a comprehensive exploration of the gaming world and discover how it can elevate your brand by delving into our members' insights now.

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