IAB UK launches Guide to Gaming

Posted on: Wednesday 10 February 2021 | IAB UK

Created with our Gaming Group, the Guide to Gaming explores the opportunities available to advertisers in this growing sector – both in and around the game

Over 2.7 billion people play games globally, often on multiple devices, and the opportunities for advertisers in this space are rich, varied and growing. Brands have unique and creative options to seamlessly integrate into gaming environments and reach diverse, highly engaged audiences.

Created with the IAB UK Gaming Group, our new Guide to Gaming covers key factors that advertisers must need to know in order to deliver effective gaming campaigns. Understand the audiences, formats and metrics, as well as how to amplify your messaging within the gaming community. This guide covers advertising opportunities... 

  • In the Game: In-game advertising opportunities, looking specifically at how brands can directly influence gameplay visuals/audio with their messaging or alter the gaming experience through skins and sponsored content 
  • Around the Game: The opportunities available to brands during the gaming experience but not within the gameplay itself. Examples of this include in-app rewarded video, interstitials and overlayed audio ads 
  • Away from the Game: Opportunities within gaming that exist away from the gameplay experience itself. This includes streaming, esports, influencer and content marketing

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