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Looking to get up-to-speed with what's happening in retail media? We've pulled together the latest work we've done with our members across this sector to help you understand the opportunity of this fast-growing channel

Sector overview

Retail media 101

Retail media has captured advertisers’ attention in recent years - offering a powerful mix of first-party data and closed-loop reporting. According to Digital Adspend 2022, which sized the UK’s digital retail media market for the first time, onsite spend stood at £176.4m last year and the sector is growing extremely fast as advertisers look for ways to target and measure spend without third-party identifiers. In order to support this growth, education and standardisation are essential. Retailers are developing into media owners and advertisers are navigating a market which – while vast and growing at pace – is still in its infancy when it comes to cross-industry standards. Research shows that this is a key barrier to investment for 70% of buyers. 

This is where the IAB comes in. In early 2023, we established our Retail Media Group that brings together key players in the market to help establish the core foundations the market needs to thrive in the long-term. Recent work includes collaborating with IAB Europe to create a guide of core definitions in retail media, ensuring that everyone across the supply chain is speaking the same language. Meanwhile, our first Retail Media Upfronts spotlights the exciting opportunities that retail media is offering advertisers and how they can leverage it successfully. Find out more about our retail media work below and stay tuned for more resources from our Retail Media Group in the coming months.

Working with our members across the sector


Webinar: Understanding the retail media opportunity

IAB UK members were invited to hear from Dr Daniel Knapp as he provided a macro-economic view of the retail media landscape and his growth predictions for the market

Retail media round table

Recap on our retail media roundtable

Our inaugural retail redia roundtable brought together players from retailers, agencies and ad tech to debate how to evolve the market

The Steelyard, Bank

Our first Retail Media Upfronts

Amazon Ads, ASOS Media Group, LiveRamp, Nectar360 and Tesco Media Insight Platform joined us at The Steel Yard in October to get you ahead on the latest launches and insights in retail media

Uber upfronts

Pan-European retail media definitions

In its latest guide, IAB Europe's Retail Media Group has worked with national IABs to put together key definitions from this growing sector to provide clarity to advertisers

Thought leadership from our members

IAB member

How DSPs unlock the power of retail data

The Trade Desk share an advertiser study discussing the growing opportunity and use of retail data, retail media on-site and retail media networks

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IAB member

What is the role of retail media?

Tesco Media and Insight Platform explores how retail media inspires and sharpens marketing with precise targeting offering versatile solutions

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IAB member

Why retail media is about more than just the sale

Tesco Media and Insight platform examine how retail media's evolving role spans awareness to loyalty and emphasises upper-funnel success

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Uber upfronts
IAB UK Member Vault

More from our members on retail media

The IAB UK Member Vault gives our members a space to share blogs, research, events and more. For a deep dive into the world of retail media and what it can do for your brand, pour through our members insights now.

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