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We are not currently running regular training courses, but are still happy to arrange a bespoke session for your team. Our digital advertising courses have been designed for a range of abilities and span a range of subject areas in digital advertising. Explore the courses below in more detail and email [email protected] to arrange a bespoke training session for your company. 


Digital Marketing

A complete introduction to digital marketing, great if you’re looking to get more comfortable with digital channels.

social media

Social Media

You will learn where social is headed and how to align your business with its direction, plus much more.


Practical Sales Training

Covering all practical aspects of sales training, including trust building, client relationships and getting past that ‘no’.


Ads Ops Management

this course covers the activation and optimisation of campaigns, as well as the use of data in their planning.


Measurement & Planning

In this course you will learn how to plan and measure a variety of digital campaigns. 


Programmatic 101

You will learn the basics of programmatic: how an ad is targeted, served, and personalised.


Programmatic Advanced

You will learn about the advanced side of programmatic: regulation and data, and the monetisation of inventory.


Programmatic Video

Learn how to apply programmatic principles to video advertising.


Webinars & more

We also host a variety of webinars on a range of topics from across the industry which you can attend live or stream later at your own leisure.

Bespoke Training

In need of specific training? You’re in the right place. We’re experts in all things digital and can design bespoke courses to fit your needs.



Universal McCann

“Really useful course, well balanced and despite complexity really clear” 


The Guardian

“Very clear, good pace, with a diverse range of topics”


Open X

“Enjoyable and very well delivered”



Tell us what you thought of our training courses, by getting in touch with [email protected]

Why digital advertising works

Discover why digital advertising is effective for reaching your customers and building brands.