Rediscover the Joy of Digital

More than any other channel, digital advertising can connect with your audience. It’s got the reach, the relevance and the creative credentials to bring your brand to life and spark genuine joy. But - big but - it’s also a bit overwhelming. The reality is multiple options, relentless change, vast amounts of data and even bigger expectations. Between CTRs and KPIs, it’s easy to feel a bit FML.

That’s why it’s time to go back to basics. To champion connections instead of the clicks. To capture audiences' imaginations instead of just their attention. And to boldly move to your own beat instead of letting tech set the pace. With the help of Joy, our Chief Digital Cheerleader.

It’s time to rediscover the joy of digital.

Joy the Bear sitting in interview chair

Meet Joy

Introducing Joy, IAB UK's Chief Digital Cheerleader.

Her mission? To help marketers rediscover the joy of digital advertising. There’s no better bear cut out for this challenge - they don’t call her Joy for nothing. But first, there are a few things you should know about her. Watch this short video to find out.

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You've captured your audience, now capture their imagination

Read more on why human creativity plays just as big a role in digital advertising as it does for any other form of media

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bear doing yoga

Connections are more powerful than clicks

Read more on the importance of building a more accurate, holistic and long-term measure of digital advertising effectiveness

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Don't let tech set the pace, move to your own beat

Read more on harnessing the foundations of digital advertising, rather than being swept away by the industry's pace of change

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Joy the Bear

The Joy of Digital Award

The industry is bursting with creative digital campaigns - big and small. So, we think we should celebrate it in all its shapes and forms.

From December 2023, we'll be awarding one brand every month the 'Joy of Digital' award, spotlighting creativity within digital advertising.

You can submit your campaign entries to [email protected]

Joy using phone

Digital advertising effectiveness

Discover, or rediscover, why digital advertising is effective for reaching your customers and building brands.

A one stop shop for key stats on usage; research packed with insight to demonstrate that digital advertising offers reach, results, and return; as well as tips and tools to help you use it most effectively. Plus, all our research is available in downloadable, bite-sized charts to pop into your own presentations.

Joy with plant

Navigating fast-growing channels

Digital media has become increasingly vast and diverse - spanning what we watch, play, read and listen to.

Our new series, The Evidence, equips you with effectiveness research and case studies to optimise campaigns across fast-growing digital channels - digital audio, gaming and connected TV - helping you navigate what’s on offer and ensure your digital spend is driving results.

Other useful tools & resources


Online training

Upskill on all things digital marketing through a range of online courses that can be completed at your own pace

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Case studies

Explore examples of effective digital advertising from across the industry to help supercharge your campaigns

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Measurement toolkit

Ditch the clicks and embrace digital metrics that mean more. Get acquainted with effective measurement strategies for various campaign objectives

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Joy the Bear

Campaign launch: Rediscover the joy of digital

IAB UK has ‘employed’ an 8ft brown bear as Chief Digital Cheerleader to front a new campaign encouraging advertisers to rediscover the joy of digital

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Rediscover the joy of digital advertising

Champion connections instead of clicks. Capture audiences' imaginations, not just their attention. Boldly move to your own beat instead of letting tech set the pace. It’s time to rediscover the joy of digital.