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According to Digital Adspend 2022, the digital audio ad market is worth £186m, up 11% YoY.  With its popularity only set to keep growing, and the technology around audio advertising advancing by the day, digital audio is a channel buzzing with opportunity right now. More and more, brands are tuning in to the potential audio offers to reach highly engaged audiences with ads that enhance, rather than hinder, their overall experience.

Podcasts in particular have seen a huge boost in recent years, and were in fact the driving force of market growth last year, as consumers seek the ease of listening and the power of connection that they offer. At the same time, the number of homes with smart speakers saw a jump from 22% in 2020 to 39% in 2022, with speakers becoming an embedded part of our daily lives.

The IAB’s Audio Group exists to bring our audio members together to maximise opportunities in this area, demonstrate the results that investing in audio can deliver, and bring clarity to the buying, planning and measurement processes.

DJ at Podcast Upfronts

Podcast Upfronts 2023

Podcast Upfronts spotlit the audio innovators and storytellers that we can’t get enough of. More than any other medium, podcasting has captured the zeitgeist and created legions of loyal listeners who are pressing play on everything from solving crime to current affairs to cooking.

As well as hearing about all the latest opportunities for advertisers, guests were spoiled for star talent with speakers including the likes of Jon Sopel, Elizabeth Day and Spencer Matthews from Audioboom, Fresh Air Production, Global, Octave, Sony Music Entertainment and Wondery. 

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The Evidence

A hub of effectiveness research and real-life case studies from the likes of Tesco, Meta and Cancer Research to inspire your digital audio strategy

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Real Living: Understanding listeners

The findings from our Real Living study take a deep-dive into the online audio market, looking at listener behaviour and key opportunities

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Embrace the funny when it comes to podcasting

Members of the IAB Audio Group tell The Drum why humour can be so effective when it comes to memorable podcast ads

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Insight from our members


The evolution of audio offers advertisers unique opportunities

Octave explores how new targeting and creative capabilities are enhancing audio for advertisers and consumers alike

members talking

The role & benefits of dynamic audio

AMA, shares an overview of dynamic audio advertising, including what it means and how it works

Man on stage holding microphone

Measurement 101

Veritonic provides a high-level overview of some of the common audio advertising measurement options and techniques available today

Members at IAB event

The role and benefits of streaming audio ads

As consumers increasingly embrace digital audio platforms, Veritonic examines what streaming audio ads offer to reach measurable results

IAB member at event

Why brands should embrace podcast ad's power of trust & attention

Audioboom explores how podcast advertising builds trust through host authenticity and fostering brand advocacy in an engaged audience

IAB members in discussion at event

Navigating the programmatic audio ecosystem

Adswizz takes a closer look at how programmatic audio advertising offers scalable, targeted engagement in a brand safe, data-driven environment


The role and benefits of digital audio advertising

Global explains how digital audio blends emotional resonance with precise targeting, empowering advertisers to engage diverse audiences across daily moments

members talking

Why In-Game Audio is a "Must Play" for Advertisers

Establishing a POV on the rise of in-game audio ad formats, their distinctiveness from conventional channels, and why brands should integrate them into their media strategy

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The IAB Member Vault provides a platform for our members to exchange blogs, research, events, and more. Explore the world of digital audio and discover how it can elevate your brand by delving into our members' insights now.

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