IAB UK Gold Standard

IAB UK Gold Standard

Our commitment to building a sustainable future for digital advertising is embodied in the IAB UK Gold Standard. Launched in October 2017, the Gold Standard has three simple but fundamental aims - to reduce ad fraud, to improve the digital advertising experience and to increase brand safety.

What is the IAB UK Gold Standard

How does it work?

The IAB UK Gold Standard is a key element of our vision to build a sustainable future for digital advertising. Here's how it works.

What companies are certified and registered for the IAB UK Gold Standard?

Certified & registered

Find out which companies have registered and been certified for the IAB UK Gold Standard.

What are people saying about the IAB UK Gold Standard?

In the news

Positive recognition of the IAB’s Gold Standard and JICWEBS from politicians demonstrates the value of these initiatives.


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Complete the registration survey and find out exactly what your business needs to do to comply to the IAB UK Gold Standard. 

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Discover how advertisers have been supporting the Gold Standard and find out how you can too.


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Industry Response to Gold Standard

See what industry figures have to say about the IAB UK Gold Standard, by watching our film. 

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