The value of the Gold Standard

Posted on: Friday 27 May 2022

Find out who in the industry is Gold Standard certified and learn more about the value of the Gold Standard for advertisers

The digital ad market grew by a huge 41% in 2021, according to our latest Adspend report, making it all the more important that companies are placing their trust in a robust digital supply chain. The fact that Gold Standard certified companies continue to grow at more than twice the rate of non-certified companies indicates that advertisers are doing just that - underscoring the value that the Gold Standard has in channelling investment towards responsible players that are upholding industry best practice. 

A broad range of companies from across the supply chain are Gold Standard certified, spanning platforms, agency groups, media owners and ad tech (see below for the full range). As digital advertising continues to evolve in areas such as AVOD, CTV and gaming, we’re noticing a more diverse range of specialisms among Gold Standard companies - from Vevo to Unruly to We expect this to continue as more companies diversify their digital media offerings and we are working on how to evolve the Gold Standard to include other digital media in addition to the display market.

To find out more about the certification process, take a look at our Gold Standard FAQs and join the community of companies that are working to build a more sustainable future for digital advertising.


Gold Standard CompaniesThis is correct as of June 2022

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