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The official measure of the size of the UK digital advertising market

£29.6 bn - total UK digital market in 2023
Latest full-year report

Digital Adspend 2023

The latest IAB UK and PwC full-year Digital Adspend report looks at digital advertising spend for 2023. The study shows that the digital advertising market grew by 11% last year to a total of £29.6 billion. Download the full report now for topline takeaways, formats in detail and sector breakdowns.

"Advertisers are embracing the diverse array of digital channels on offer"

Read more on findings from the latest Digital Adspend report as well as comments from IAB UK CMO, James Chandler

Extra reading

Understanding the market via our Adspend report is an integral part of our work at the IAB. Here are some extra resources to help you dive deeper into the numbers.

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Share of media 2023

Take a look at our snapshot of UK media using IAB / PwC Adspend and AA / WARC data.


10 key takeaways

After a topline breakdown of 2023's digital ad spend? Check out the key takeaways from this year's report.

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Breakdown by sector

Explore our topline breakdown of 2023's Adspend results with sector specific insights.

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Affiliate marketing

The IAB has worked with its Affiliate members to produce a topline spend report for this market specifically.

Adspend report contributors

Members that have contributed to this year’s Digital Adspend study

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Video demonstration of the adspend analyser

Explore Digital Adspend results

With this tool, IAB UK members have the flexibility to build charts using over 20 years of Adspend data. Compare formats, devices, environments and more across the years to get the data most helpful for you and your clients.

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About Adspend

The annual Adspend research is the official measure of the size of the UK digital advertising market and has been the official figure used by the Advertising Association since 1997. The research is a census of UK media owners and intermediaries and covers desktop, tablet and mobile spend. The full report, plus access to our Adspend Analyser tool, provided for free to IAB UK members, breaks down the data by Category (display, search, classifieds), Format (banners, video, native etc), Environment, and Industry Sector.

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