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The role & benefits of dynamic audio


Audio and Voice
Audio and Voice

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Harry Williams, Senior Marketing Manager at AMA, shares an overview of dynamic audio advertising, including what it means and how it works

Dynamic audio advertising is the practice of delivering tailored audio ads to listeners in real-time, using data such as weather, location, device, and audience data. Unlike traditional audio ads that are static and play the same message for every listener, dynamic audio ads are customised the content to each individual. This personalisation is achieved through ad tech platforms that dynamically assemble ad components (e.g. SFX, voiceovers, background music, product mentions) to create a unique ad experience.

Brands can tailor their audio creative to each listener at scale using any number of contextual and audience-level data points. This granular level of control makes the ad feel custom-made for each listener, potentially generating thousands or millions of creative versions. Despite the broad reach, dynamic audio can make campaigns behave like local ones by delivering the right message to the right user at the right moment. Data points like location and weather create intelligent ads that can direct listeners to local stores or promote products depending on the temperature. Custom API integrations and first-party data can further personalise messaging for existing customers or based on audience interests.

Audio benefits from being a highly personal advertising channel, streamed directly into listeners' ears at home, work, or on the go. Dynamic creative enhances this by allowing brands to speak to listeners on a 1:1 level with bespoke messages designed to drive specific actions, turning audio into a full-funnel channel. Dynamic audio has proven to drive incremental benefits for brand metrics like awareness and consideration, as well as lower funnel metrics such as footfall and sales uplift.

The process for recording dynamic audio creative is similar to traditional ads, with voiceovers recording multiple versions of select lines. These are seamlessly stitched together via platforms like the AMA Studio to create thousands of bespoke ads. Integrations with broadcasters, music streaming services, and podcast publishers allow these ads to be served through a single VAST tag, simplifying the incorporation of dynamic creative into any digital campaign. This ensures that the message reaches the audience effectively while maintaining a positive user experience.


Diagram of how dynamic audio works

By Harry Williams, Senior Marketing Manager


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Posted on: Tuesday 18 June 2024