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The role & benefits of streaming audio


Audio and Voice
Audio and Voice

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As consumers increasingly embrace digital audio platforms, Veritonic's Damien Scragg examines how streaming audio ads offer targeted reach, engagement, cost-effectiveness, and measurable results for impactful brand connections

In today's digital age, the way audiences consume their favourite audio content has undergone a significant transformation. One of the most prominent shifts has been from AM/FM radio to streaming platforms - in Q3 of 2023, 88% of UK adults reported listening to digital radio weekly!  As consumers increasingly embrace platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer to consume their favorite content, advertisers have recognized the immense value of streaming audio advertising.


The role of streaming audio advertising

Targeted reach

Streaming platforms gather vast amounts of user data, from listening habits to demographic information. This data allows advertisers to target specific audiences based on their interests, location, age, and more. Unlike display ads and traditional (AM/FM) radio, where ads are broadcast one-to-many, streaming audio advertising provides a 1:1 experience, ensuring that messages reach the right people at the right time with a resonating and relevant message. For example, podcast listeners are more likely to take action in direct response to hearing an ad during their favourite podcast, with 45% visiting a website, 42% considering a new product or service.

Engaging content integration

Streaming audio ads are seamlessly integrated into the listening experience. Whether it's a short commercial between songs or a branded playlist, advertisers can craft messages that become a part of the listening experience and that resonate with listeners, without sounding disruptive. Such integration ensures that ads feel organic and are therefore less likely to be skipped or ignored.

Amplifying brand awareness

By associating with popular playlists, podcasts, or artists, brands can elevate their visibility and align themselves with content that reflects their values or target audience. This indirect endorsement can be invaluable in establishing and increasing brand recognition and credibility over time.


The benefits of streaming audio advertising

High engagement levels

Listeners on streaming platforms are both engaged and attentive. Unlike visual mediums where users might scroll past ads, audio ads capture attention, especially when they're relevant and well-crafted. This heightened engagement leads to better recall and conversion rates. 

Cost-effective reach

Streaming audio advertising offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional radio or television spots. In fact, research shows that audio ads generate 60% higher ad recall than more than 1,600 comparable online campaigns. With targeted advertising options, brands can optimise their ad spend, ensuring that their messages resonate with the most relevant audiences, thereby maximising ROI.  Additionally, brands can utilise creative measurement tools pre and in-market to ensure that the audio they are using will strike a positive chord with their intended audiences.

Flexibility & creativity

Audio ads provide a canvas for creativity. Brands can leverage storytelling, sound effects, and music to craft memorable narratives. After all, audio ads impact long term memory 36% better than television and 29% better than mobile video ads. Additionally, with dynamic ad insertion, advertisers can tailor messages in real-time based on listener data, ensuring both relevance and timeliness.

Measurable results

Music streaming platforms often provide robust analytics tools. Advertisers can gain insights into metrics such as ad impressions, listen-through rates, and listener demographics. Such data-driven insights enable brands to refine their strategies, optimise campaigns, increase their overall reach, and drive higher return.

Seamless multi-channel integration

Streaming audio advertising can be seamlessly integrated with other digital marketing channels. For instance, a brand can run a synchronized campaign across audio, display, and social media platforms, ensuring a consistent message across channels and amplifying its reach. Streaming audio ads enable brands to reach consumers at a time where they are generally otherwise unreachable, such as when running, cooking, lifting weights, or commuting.


Streaming audio advertising has emerged as a powerful tool in the modern marketer's arsenal. By offering targeted reach, engaging content integration, and a myriad of benefits from high engagement levels to measurable results, it presents a compelling proposition for brands looking to connect with today's always-on, digital-savvy consumers. As streaming platforms continue to evolve and grow, the role and impact of streaming audio advertising is only set to continuously expand, promising exciting opportunities for brands to innovate and engage audiences in new, impactful and organic ways.

By Damien Scragg, General Manager


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Posted on: Friday 16 February 2024