Digital Audio: The Evidence

Here we pull together research and case studies from IAB UK members that will help you to shape a successful digital audio strategy and see how brands are effectively tapping into this unique channel. All the evidence you need to unlock the power of digital audio advertising

Amplify your digital audio advertising

With over 60% of the UK adult population listening weekly, digital audio offers advertisers a potent mix of engaged listeners, high-quality content and immersive ad formats - making it a fixture on media plans, just as smart speakers have become fixtures in our homes. In fact, according to IAB UK’s annual Digital Adspend report with PwC, spend on digital audio has almost doubled between 2020 and 2022, with advertisers investing £186 million in it last year. As part of this, podcast investment has over tripled from £33 million in 2020 to £76 million in 2022. 

So, with more ad spend than ever going into digital audio, what do you need to know to ensure that your campaigns are delivering? And how can you make sure that your brand’s voice is not only adding to the listening experience, but resonating with a highly discerning audience? Look no further. From understanding attention in podcasting to leveraging actionable audio ads, we’ve curated evidence from across our audio membership into an essential toolkit to help you boost the effectiveness of your digital audio activity. 

Research and insights

IAB Member at Digital Upfronts

The Power of Actionable Audio Ads

Say It Now, Octave Audio and Xaxis partnered with Neuro Insight to quantify the impact of audio advertising when consumers engage in a 30-60 conversation with a voice assistant, compared to traditional broadcast radio ads.

Members at IAB Leadership Summit

How to Build Winning Audio Ads

The latest eBook from Veritonic and Audacy addresses all your curiosities of what makes podcast and radio advertising so powerful, and dives into key strategies for building an effective audio ad.

podcast upfronts

A World in Your Ear: Perfect podcast planning

This research utilises The Guardian's expertise as a podcast publisher to address measurement challenges, offering insights for strategically placing podcast advertising in the media mix.

Case studies

We’ve pulled together examples of effective digital audio campaigns from across the industry to help you supercharge your digital advertising.

Speaker at IAB event

Hyundai x Havas Media Network x Global Media

Hyundai drives brand awareness and influences consumer purchasing decisions using AudioPixel and Second Screen Retargeting.

Speakers at IAB Upfronts

Octave x Say It Now

Octave and Say It Now outline why voice assistants are the next wave of digital engagement and share a case study for making charity donations easier with Alexa. Plus, Veritonic’s guide on harnessing the potential of actionable audio advertising.

Speaker at Meta's Digital Upfront

Octave x Meta

Meta used Octave's sophisticated targeting capabilities in audio ads to reach 'Marketing Professionals' and inspire them to use various advertising tools in their digital media plans. The results boasted no wastage and a strong audience engagement.

Member at IAB Digital Upfronts

Say It Now x Tesco

Say It Now partnered with Tesco and Mediacom to create their first smart speaker audio advertising campaign that enabled smart speaker listeners to receive reminders on Tesco's weekly Christmas deals by saying 'Alexa, Open Tesco'.

Delegates conversing at IAB event

AudioPlus X Veritonic X TalkTalk

TalkTalk leveraged Veritonic’s AudioPlus to ensure that their audio advertising assets were created and optimised with the goal of maximising their brand awareness.

Person in conversation at IAB event

Xaxis x Say It Now x MSC Cruises

Xaxis and Say It Now joined forces to design and execute a bespoke 'actionable' audio advertising campaign for MSC Cruises that harnessed the power of voice technology and smart speakers.

Speaker at IAB event

Kic x NumberEight

Kic's digital audio campaign leveraged the LiSTNR app's capabilities to effectively target and engage specific listener segments to deliver uplift of 24%

Man speaking at IAB Digital Upfronts

Bauer x Three Mobile

Using Bauer's Instream, Three Mobile raised awareness of their rewards app, communicating the breadth and scale of what it can offer while delivering personalised creative to listeners in a brand safe environment.

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