Turning up Three’s cut through via a digital audio partnership

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Wuntu is a free offers and rewards app launched by Three. Each Wednesday, the app refreshes itself with custom special offers and rewards, across categories including entertainment, travel, food and technology.

The objectives of the campaign were to raise awareness of Three’s ‘Wuntu’ rewards app, while communicating the breadth and scale of what it can offer, with a particular focus on maximising coverage on Wednesdays. Conversion to app downloads was key.

The challenge was to communicate Wuntu’s objectives in an exciting way, which would ultimately create buzz around the app and ensure that a ‘FOMO’ element was created for non-Three customers.

This campaign’s media plan focused around KISS and Absolute Radio, in order to provide mass millennial awareness. It was supported with personalised, highly targeted, digital audio through InStream dynamic creative for maximum cut through of messaging. Using InStream allowed Three to market to logged-in listeners of the KISS and Absolute Radio apps with targeted, relevant and engaging content.

What was the role of digital within the media mix? 

For six weeks across KISS and Absolute Radio, ‘ownership’ of Wednesdays was created, with high-frequency sponsor credits throughout the day. This was supported with a two-week burst of InStream on Absolute Radio and KISS, providing personalised digital audio and weekly promotions.

Copy differed based on whether the user was an existing Three customer or not. It used their name, taken from first-party data, and delivered the correct hyperlink to their app store, based on whether they were listening via Apple or Android device.

This achieved two media firsts using digital audio – for named targeting and for mobile carrier targeting.

Key statistics


Average lead through rate


People reached

What results did you attain? What was the biggest achievement? 

The approach taken delivered more than 1,238,155 InStream impressions and the client received an average LTR of 96%.

What’s more, independent research by ‘Future Thinking’ showed that the Wuntu campaign cut–through was high among InStream listeners. The InStream specific ads performed well with nearly four in five listeners recalling them, suggesting the platform increases campaign exposure.

In addition, the majority of users agreed that reducing ads served by 50% improved their listening experience, meaning they are subsequently more likely to pay closer attention.

The idea of personalised ads was seen as positive overall, with a third claiming that receiving personalised advertising would increase their likelihood of downloading the Wuntu app.

The radio sponsorship also overdelivered by 874,000 impacts, reaching more than 8 million people. Three also went on to hit all internal targets.


In a sentence...

How Bauer’s InStream digital audio delivered personalised creative to listeners in a brand safe environment, resulting in maximum cut through.

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