An essential toolkit for driving digital effectiveness

Posted on Tuesday 20 June 2023 | IAB UK

Our new series, The Evidence, equips marketers with effectiveness research and case studies to help them optimise their campaigns across fast-growing digital channels 

With pressure on media budgets, it’s more important than ever that marketers know how their spend is delivering. At the same time, digital media has become increasingly vast and diverse - spanning what we watch, play, read and listen to. 

To help marketers navigate what’s on offer and ensure their digital spend is driving results, we’ve launched ‘The Evidence’ - a new series that brings together effectiveness research and case studies from IAB UK members across some of the fastest-growing digital channels. 

To date, The Evidence covers digital audio, gaming and connected TV, with social and digital out-of-home next on the agenda. By equipping advertisers with this insight, we can not only prove the value of digital channels on media plans, but also help brands supercharge the effectiveness of their campaigns. 

If you’re an IAB UK member and you have relevant research or a case study that you’d like to submit to The Evidence, please get in touch

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Digital Audio

From understanding attention in podcasting to leveraging actionable audio ads, we’ve curated evidence from across our audio membership into an essential toolkit to help you boost the effectiveness of your digital audio activity. 

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To help inspire and guide your gaming strategy, we’ve curated evidence from across our gaming membership that will show you how to drive results and deliver effective campaigns. 

CTV audience

Connected TV

What do advertisers need to know to master the small screen? Here we bring together effectiveness evidence from our CTV members to help guide your streaming strategy.

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