Connected TV: The Evidence

Here we pull together research and case studies from IAB UK members that will help you to shape a successful connected TV ad strategy and see how brands are harnessing the rich opportunities in this space. All the evidence you need to switch on to CTV

The rise of connected TV (CTV) has led to an explosion of unmissable shows - from Succession to The Marvelous Mrs Maisel - that have viewers hooked. For advertisers, the growth of streaming platforms and uptick in CTV ownership (66% of UK households now watch via CTV devices) presents a massive opportunity to unite the storytelling ability of TV with the smart targeting of digital - all in a high-quality and attention-grabbing environment.

In fact, according to IAB Compass, ad investment in CTV could reach £2.81bn by 2026 as viewing continues to shift to on-demand services - but what do advertisers need to know to master the small screen? Here we bring together effectiveness evidence from our CTV members to help guide your streaming strategy.

Research and insights

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The brain's response to addressable ads

Finecast partnered with University College London to learn what happens in a person’s brain when they see a relevant ad, shedding light on why addressable TV campaigns achieve substantial results, and evidence that they deliver a strategic advantage to brands.

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Why CTV reigns supreme in the attention economy

A study from ShowHeroes and COG Research diving into user attention in CTV and how this compares to viewing on both linear TV and other platforms, why users choose CTV, how they discover content, and how will their usage change as subscription fatigue builds.

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CTV is for everyone

Magnite’s research provides a holistic picture of the pan-European CTV landscape with in-depth analysis for the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy, revealing why CTV is an essential element of planning, and how it represents regional populations and age and language groups with greater efficiency than traditional TV.

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The Bigger Picture commissioned MediaScience to understand how the synergy of video advertising across CTV, desktop, and mobile devices can drive brand outcomes, demonstrating that the addition of CTV to a digital media strategy can help drive upper funnel awareness and downstream ROI.

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The future is AVOD & FAST

AVOD and FAST form part of the CTV landscape and are seeing dramatic growth and adoption. MiQ have pulled together insights which explore the CTV landscape in 2023, why AVOD and FAST are gaining momentum, how the cost of living crisis impacts CTV viewing habits, and AVOD and FAST opportunities for marketers.

Case Studies

We’ve pulled together examples of effective CTV campaigns from across the industry to help you supercharge your digital advertising.

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Quantcast x Sky

Sky partnered with Quantcast to launch their first connected TV campaign. Activity ran across a curated list of premium supply partners to maximise reach and drive consideration of their Sky Glass product, and optimisations were made through real-time insights using Quantcast's 'Brand Life Live'.

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Samba TV x Hendrick's Gin

Hendrick's collaborated with Samba TV to utilise their first-party TV viewership data to inform an impactful omniscreen targeting strategy. Viewers exposed to the linear TV ad were retargeted on their mapped digital devices to build frequency, familiarity and brand favourability.

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SpotX x Under Armour

Under Armour tasked SpotX with promoting new products in the build-up to a world heavyweight boxing match. SpotX created a bespoke marketplace with access to premium CTV publishers through one access point, and the ability to track audience profiles and incremental reach compared with linear TV activity.

Engage 2023


MiQ’s YouTube API, combined with its expertise in the programmatic space, helped IKEA deliver a truly successful set of YouTube campaigns. With this approach, MiQ became IKEA’s first partner to reach its VTR benchmark, exceeding the target set by IKEA by 40%.

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