Gaming: The Evidence

Here we pull together research and case studies from IAB UK members that will help you to shape a successful gaming strategy and see how brands are leveraging this immersive medium. All the evidence you need to take your gaming campaigns up a level

Getting in the game

Gaming has officially gone mainstream, capturing the attention of players across demographic groups and firmly dispelling the myth that it’s solely about teenagers in headsets. In particular, the growth of mobile gaming has diversified the audience, with women and older people key in driving uptake. Today, over 60% of all UK adults are racking up an average of 7hrs and 33mins of game-time weekly - establishing gaming as a powerful tool for advertisers that want to reach an engaged and receptive audience. 

Perhaps more than any other channel, gaming requires brands to immerse ads into gameplay in an additive and authentic way. And as the market matures - with IAB Compass estimating that ad spend could reach £2.06bn by 2026 in an optimum scenario - it’s essential that advertisers understand the opportunities in this space. To help inspire and guide your gaming strategy, we’ve curated evidence from across our gaming membership that will show you how to drive results and deliver effective campaigns. 

Research and insights

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Measuring In-Game Activity

AdInMo’s PlayerDwellTime study benchmarks time-in-view, exploring how different game styles and countries perform and demonstrating why brand campaigns in mobile games deliver high-impact and ROI.

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Retail, Gaming, & the Next Generation

This report by SuperAwesome explores youth audiences' influence and new digital habits, values and preferences, and why in-game activations are at the heart of the new media mix that marketers can use to reach them.

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The power of intrinsic in-game ads in capturing attention

Anzu took part in a Lumen and dentsu study into the levels of attention paid to in-game ads, alongside Twitch and Activision Blizzard Media. Delve into the data from how Anzu’s intrinsic in-game ads performed 

Case studies

We’ve pulled together examples of effective in-game campaigns from across the industry to help you supercharge your digital advertising.

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Activision Blizzard Media x Tesco

Through choice-based ads, Tesco was able to reach engaged and leaned-in players on Activision Blizzard Media's premium and brand-safe platform to increase perception of their quality food and drive purchase intent during the holiday season.

Members at Gaming Upfronts

Bidstack x Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne partnered with Bidstack and Starcom to promote the luxury men's fragrance, Invictus, by engaging the target audience through their passion points in new environments, elevating the brand above competition during the holiday season.

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Venatus x Rubicon

Rubicon enlisted Venatus to engage with gaming and entertainment fans. Using existing creative in a new eye-catching format, activity ran across premium sites popular with gaming enthusiasts to drive awareness of their soft drinks.

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