The Joy of Digital Award

The industry is bursting with creative digital campaigns - big and small. So, we think we should celebrate it in all its shapes and forms. We'll be awarding one brand every month the 'Joy of Digital' award, spotlighting creativity within digital advertising.

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volvic dooh

June 2024

Summer may have got off to a slow start, but Volvic is coming in hot with a 3D programmatic DOOH campaign for the launch of its Touch of Fruit Sparkling drinks - just in time to quench your summer thirst.“This eye-catching, showstopping campaign truly breaks expectations by embodying the playful, surprising, and exciting nature of Touch of Fruit Sparkling drinks, in a distinctive Volvic way.”

IKEA campaign

May 2024

What do you get when you cross the shopping channel with a host of four-legged talent? IKEA showed us this month with the launch of its new TikTok campaign ‘The Pet Shopping Network’. The ad, which allowed users to vote on whether they saw cats or dogs starring in the creative, drew on shopping channel cues to promote IKEA’s new Utsådd range for pets. 

amazon alexa

April 2024

April’s award goes to OVO Energy for its first actionable audio ad with Amazon Alexa, allowing users to tap into live National Grid data to work out whether appliances should take a power nap.

As Joy explains: “The core aim at the heart of this work is to make people more aware of the energy they are using and how small behaviour changes can maximise our use of renewable energy. That’s something we all need to get behind. I love how the campaign uses real-time insights, the power of smart speakers and a little bit of Hollywood stardust to elevate this vital message.”


March 2024

March’s Joy of Digital Award goes to Pot Noodle for its ingenuous use of targeting to serve up more palatable alternatives to the slurp in a tongue-in-cheek apology campaign 

When Pot Noodle released its ‘Nothing Satisfies Like a Pot Noddle’ campaign it left a bad after-taste for some, with people taking to X to complain about the slurping noises. Cue a creative response from the brand, who worked with Adam & Eve/DDB and Mindshare to smartly leverage data and identify people most sensitive the slurp.


February 2024

BHF brought livestreams on Twitch to a standstill as part of its campaign to raise awareness about cardiac arrest and the live-saving tools people can use to learn CPR. In total, 16 gamers including AuzioMF, MattHDGamer and Mamabenjyfishy had their streams interrupted, allowing the campaign to reach 11 million people with a particular focus on Gen Z - the age group most likely to train in CPR. 

BHF’s media agency PHD worked with gaming specialists GameSquare and Venatus to deliver the campaign.

A fish swimming in a tank wearing a spiked dogs collar

January 2024

January’s Joy of Digital Award goes to The Current Account Switch Service’s campaign, 'Fish Whisperer'. 

Running across AV channels, OOH, social, press and a partnership with Twitch, the campaign puts a humorous spin on financial decision making, encouraging people to consider whether they really do have the right bank account. Ross Newton, Creative Director at House 337, explained, “Financial admin is really dull, and no one ever wants to think about it. So we created a defiant goldfish with jowls, put a spiked collar on him, and gave him a thumping soundtrack.”

Creative for Dentsu's Vodafone 'Elf and Seek' campaign

December 2023

The first Joy of Digital Award goes to Vodafone’s ‘Elf and Seek’ AR-led Christmas campaign.

The campaign saw thousands of digital elves hidden in ads around the country, utilising AR to encourage people to engage with the creative and win prizes. It was created by Denstu UK&I, with Chris Davey, Dentsu Creative UK’s Head of Creative describing it as “a perfect example of how brands can move into the gaming space in a way that consumers will find instantly engaging and rewarding”.

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