Joy of Digital Award: BHF flatlines Twitch for CPR campaign

Posted on Thursday 29 February 2024 | IAB UK

February’s Joy of Digital Award goes to The British Heart Foundation (BHF) for its smart use of Twitch to bring its live-saving message to a Gen Z audience

Earlier this month, BHF brought livestreams on Twitch to a standstill as part of its campaign to raise awareness about cardiac arrest and the live-saving tools people can use to learn CPR. In total, 16 gamers including AuzioMF, MattHDGamer and Mamabenjyfishy had their streams interrupted, allowing the campaign to reach 11 million people with a particular focus on Gen Z - the age group most likely to train in CPR. 

“This campaign utilises Twitch in a really smart way to truly embody its message and convey the urgency behind it,” explained Joy, IAB UK’s Chief Digital Cheerleader and chair of the Joy of Digital Award. “It’s incredibly inventive but also simple - as all the best ideas are. It would have been so easy to just run regular ads, but instead the team came up with an execution that truly embodies why CPR training is so vital, using digital creatively to elevate the message and meet the target audience in a place where they're engaged and attentive.”  

Joy created the Joy of Digital Award - which is presented monthly - to celebrate campaigns that embody the joy of digital and harness digital channels in innovative ways to maximise creativity, demonstrating a dash of something extra special when it comes to the execution.

BHF’s media agency PHD worked with gaming specialists GameSquare and Venatus to deliver the campaign. Activity is supported by a BHF homepage takeover of Twitch UK, an interactive quiz for mobile and 20-second video ads to promote CPR training. The charity is also the official sponsor of the ‘Be right back’ screens streamers’ use when taking a break.

Damion Mower, Director of Brand and Acquisition at BHF summed up the aim: “By equipping our young people today with these lifesaving skills, more lives could be saved in the future. This partnership will put our RevivR CPR message in front of a sizeable, highly engaged younger audience in a moment where none of them are expecting it.”

Find out more about the Joy of Digital Award and past winners here

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