Introducing the Gaming & Esports Advertising Framework

Posted on: Tuesday 24 August 2021 | IAB UK

As the gaming ad market continues to grow rapidly, we have worked with our members and industry partners from the UK, Europe and US to create a unified advertising framework for gaming and esports

What is it? 

The Gaming & Esports Advertising Framework provides a standardised set of defined terms relating to gaming advertising. Our aim is that it will improve communications and enable clearer interactions across the advertising supply chain as the gaming ad market grows, encouraging further growth in a sustainable and efficient way. 

Who is it for?

The framework can be used by anyone who is currently buying, selling or looking to buy/sell gaming ad inventory. Its primary use will be for brands, agencies and publishers - who may not currently use gaming-related terms every day - but will increasingly need to communicate with one another as the gaming ad industry grows and becomes a more important part of their businesses. 

How do you use it? 

The framework is numerically coded and split into ‘user’ and ‘viewer’ categories, then via sub-categories. This enables you to quickly scan sub-category headings to identify terms that you are looking for. If you’re brand new to the gaming space, it may be useful to read through the entire framework to understand what options, categories and capabilities are available. If you have experience of the gaming ad market, specific terms are defined here which have been agreed upon to become common language for the space. The framework can be used internationally and we will continue to update it as the market evolves.

Commenting on the framework, Antonio Dale Forte, IAB UK’s Gaming Group Lead, said: “To enable sustainable growth in an emerging format, the foundations need to be solid. By creating a linguistic framework for the gaming and esports advertising market, we have taken the first step to ensure these burgeoning formats can be clearly and effectively communicated, bought and sold.”

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