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General membership

Companies who are corporate entities or standalone divisions of a corporate entity whose revenue is significantly based on the sale, delivery, or optimisation of digital advertising or marketing programs. i.e. they generate revenue directly from selling digital advertising, qualify as General Members.

Associate membership

Companies who do not qualify as a General member provided that said company supports the media and marketing industries (i.e. those companies who don’t generate revenues directly from selling digital advertising) qualify as Associate members.

Advertiser Membership

Advertiser members are companies who advertise a product, service or event via digital advertising services. Advertiser membership is complimentary to advertisers either by invitation or application. Advertiser members must prove that they do not generate any income by selling digital advertising and spend over £100,000 on advertising per year.

If you are unsure which category your company fits into please contact us:

Steps to join

If your company is thinking of joining the IAB, the basic terms are in our Membership Agreement.

Steps to join are easy:

  1. Fill out the application form here or email us on

  2. We’ll be in touch to discuss your enquiry and to establish your fee, we’ll need to know your company’s revenue.

  3. Once we’ve processed your details, we’ll come back to you with a Membership Agreement for you to sign and send back to us.

  4. On receipt, we’ll approve your membership application and have your company set up as a member in no time.

For reference, you can view our IAB Constitution here.



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