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Curious about the latest in the CTV sector? Dive into our recent collaborations with industry leaders for insights, inspiration, and expert advice on maximising the potential of this fast-growing channel.

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All about CTV

The rise of Connected TV, or CTV, is changing the way audiences consume content. According to IAB Compass, a massive 66% of UK households now watch TV via CTV devices, enjoying the freedom and flexibility that streaming offers. The adoption and growth of streaming platforms, coupled with the fragmented nature of CTV viewership, presents an exciting opportunity for advertisers to showcase their brand in a highly engaged and premium environment. Indeed, according to IAB Digital Adspend 2023, which measured the size of the UK digital advertising market, spend on CTV rose 21% YoY to £1.17bn.

At the IAB, the CTV Group's role is to bring together key players, facilitate collaboration, provide education, and aid standardisation within the CTV channel. From IAB Compass to Digital Upfronts, learn more about our CTV work below - including how your company can get involved. 


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IAB Compass: CTV

Discover forecasts for the sector as well as actionable advice on how to leverage CTV advertising effectively

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The Evidence: CTV

We’ve pulled together CTV research from across the industry to help you supercharge your digital advertising

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CTV Upfronts 2023

CTV Upfronts brought together industry leaders to explore the synergy between premium content and precise targeting evolving the CTV landscape

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CTV Glossary

In collaboration with our CTV members and IAB Europe, we’ve developed a set of shared definitions for the CTV sector. One of the fundamental steps a maturing channel needs to take is to establish a shared understanding of key terms, in order to ensure that everyone across the supply chain is speaking the same language.


Navigating the CTV Landscape

Want to get to grips with the CTV supply chain, viewing habits, and how advertisers can have an impact? The guides below are essential reading that will equip you with valuable perspectives on CTV options, programmatic dynamics, and strategies for maximising advertising impact.

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How can advertisers successfully harness connected TV?

With advertisers’ investment following people’s viewing habits, IAB members discuss how to leverage the channel effectively

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Top 7 tips to utilise CTV as part of an omnichannel campaign

Frequency capping, consistent messaging and smart use of data are all essential to embedding CTV into omnichannel strategies

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How important is standardisation to evolving the CTV market?

Unlocking the potential of Connected TV: IAB UK members explore the evolving landscape of standardisation in the CTV market, paving the way for trust

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Insight from our members


How ad-supported streaming can fuel brand growth

Discover how The Trade Desk's advertiser study illuminates the shift in consumer viewing habits and the role of CTV in driving brand growth


Q&A: The power & potential of CTV in Europe

Europe has a unique market requiring special attention when it comes to CTV media growth and investment. As more viewers shift from traditional TV to digital platforms, CTV advertising has experienced a massive transformation


Top Ad Tech Trends to Watch in 2024

The latest guide lays out the five top ad tech trends to consider to fire up your 2024 planning


How ad-supported streaming can fuel brand growth

An advertiser study outlining the shift in consumer viewing habits and how Connected TV can help fuel brand growth


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Dive into the world of Connected TV (CTV) and elevate your brand with the IAB Member Vault. Explore insightful blogs, research, events, and more from our members, and unlock the potential of CTV for your brand today.

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