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How ad-supported streaming can fuel brand growth


Ad Tech Attention Connected TV
Ad Tech Attention Connected TV Consumer Behaviour

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The Trade Desk share an advertiser study outlining the shift in consumer viewing habits and how Connected TV can help fuel brand growth

TV popularity of streaming TV shows no signs of slowing down. As publishers continue to invest in premium content, viewers across all age groups and demographics are enjoying the freedom and flexibility streaming gives them to watch great content on demand on any platform or device.

This research explores how advertisers can use ad-supported streaming and DSP's like The Trade Desk to:

  •  Give viewers a better and more positive brand experience
  •  Reach audiences with greater precision compared to traditional TV
  •  Manage the frequency of ads shown across any device

To understand these opportunities, we surveyed 2,589 adults (ages 18 and over) living in the UK. This report summarises the survey results and acts as general knowledge for client and prospective clients – it in no way represents or guarantees future performance.

The fieldwork was conducted by The Trade Desk in collaboration with YouGov between June 20 and June 30, 2023

By Marketing, Product Marketing Manager

The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk powers the most sophisticated buyers in advertising technology.

Posted on: Tuesday 26 March 2024