Environmental Sustainability FAQs

Posted on Monday 23 October 2023 | IAB UK

Helping to make environmental credentials more accessible and improve the focus of the industry

The digital advertising industry, like all industries, has a carbon footprint. That is why we have worked with our members to design a set of questions that highlight how companies are reducing their carbon emissions and what they set out to achieve in the future. 

Companies that have submitted their answers are committed to reducing the environmental impact of the industry. Their responses show the steps they are taking to measure their emissions, understand their energy use, implement policies to reduce their carbon footprint and to engage and educate their teams.

The answers also provide a vital and efficient resource for assessing a potential supplier's sustainability credentials. Longer term, we anticipate they will help us identify where standards need to be raised and how we might work together as an industry to achieve this. 

To view an individual company's response, use the links below. Please note, although we have sense-checked the answers and clarified any necessary points with submitting companies, the data has not been independently audited by a third party.

To access a full list of all companies and their answers, download the Excel document.


AMS Media Group


Auto Trader





Dentsu UK

Encore Digital Media


The Focus Agency Group





Nano Interactive

News UK


Smithfield Agency




IAB member

If you are a member and would like to be involved 

The questions focus on company information, energy usage and internal initiatives and have been designed to be applicable to all sizes of company. It may take a bit of preparation to collate all the information therefore you can view a full list of questions here, to see what is needed before you start. 

Please find the Sustainability FAQ submission form here. Once submitted, we will be in touch to clarify any details before publishing. After they are published, if any answers needs to be updated, send the details to [email protected]

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