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Effective measures of success in digital advertising



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This white paper looks at alternative ways of measuring digital advertising success, beyond primitive metrics like clicks and viewability, In particular it looks at the role of attention, brand and outcome-based measures in delivering the results marketers need

This white paper was published as part of The Ozone Project's Better Future Series and focuses on alternative measures of success in digital advertising. This paper is split into three defined sections:

  1. Attention: Summarising the wealth of evidence in this area already commissioned by bodies like the IAB, Newsworks and Magnetic, this section also highlights the results from Ozone's proprietary attention study carried out in conjunction with Lumen. This research demonstrates the impact of premium, quality online environments in driving higher levels of attention for display advertising and the role of rich content, bigger ad formats and less cluttered sites in generating more attention for campaigns. In addition, this section highlights the Ozone Attention Index, a proprietary metric developed to help advertisers and agencies better understand ad engagement on any campaign - this is measured alongside our own KPIs.
  2. Brand & Balance: This section touches on the thinking of econometrics experts like Binet and Field and the need to find balance between performance advertising and brand building. Specifically, it looks at the work carried out by Brand Metrics – with many different organisations – in managing brand lift across campaigns.
  3. Outcomes: The final part of this report looks at the increasingly important role of outcome-based measurement as a way of activating and optimising digital advertising.

By Bryan Scott, Marketing Communications Director

Ozone Project Limited

The Ozone Project is the leading High Attention digital advertising platform, built for brands by the UK's biggest publishers.

Posted on: Tuesday 8 February 2022