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How Magnite measured the incremental reach of CTV to linear TV


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Ad Tech Connected TV Consumer Behaviour Effectiveness Measurement Video

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AudienceProject's Martyn Bentley explains how the company helped Magnite measure the incremental reach of CTV to linear TV, proving the importance and effectiveness of CTV as a channel to extend audience reach

Before a boxing match that was expected to be streamed worldwide, a global sports brand tasked Magnite to promote its workout products through Connected TV (CTV) advertising, alongside its linear TV campaign. Magnite created a bespoke curated marketplace to accommodate this, allowing the brand to access multiple premium CTV publishers through one entry point. However, to prove the value of CTV and the quality of its ad inventory, Magnite needed a solution to help it report on the audience composition and incremental reach delivered by this channel.

Powered by AudienceProject’s audience measurement platform, AudienceReport, and its unique integration to TechEdge, Magnite utilised its measurement solution MetriX to report on the following key campaign metrics:

  • Net audience reach
  • Audience reach by channel
  • Incremental reach by channel

This was done by merging BARB TV panel data (the UK linear TV currency) and AudienceProject online panel data within the TechEdge AxM module (supplier of research and planning tools for linear and non-linear TV consumption data), allowing Magnite to analyse the combined, individual and unique reach for the sports brand’s CTV and linear TV campaigns.

The measurement of the sports brand’s CTV and linear TV campaigns showed that:

  • 32% of the total audience were reached through CTV
  • 56% of the 25-44-year-olds were reached through CTV
  • The CTV campaign delivered 104,000 in-target households in incremental reach

These insights helped Magnite prove the importance and effectiveness of CTV as a channel to reach an audience that is unreachable via linear TV, while also demonstrating the quality of its ad inventory, supporting the company’s increased business growth.

As Graeme Lynch, VP Demand, EMEA at Magnite says:"Universal measurement has long been the missing component in unlocking multi-channel advertising potential. OTT is growing enormously as audiences realise the benefits of watching TV in a more flexible, personalised way. However, for advertisers to support this growth, a solution was needed which shows how unique audiences behave across channels and platforms, especially linear TV. Working with AudienceProject and TechEdge allows us to facilitate this level of reporting through our MetriX solution while remaining privacy compliant."

By Martyn Bentley, Commercial Director, UK


AudienceProject is a technology-based market research company founded in Denmark and operational worldwide that helps advertisers get the most value from their advertising spend.

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Posted on: Wednesday 22 December 2021