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Chapter Three: Intelligent Connectivity

Discover OM SDK: The tool for better in-app viewability & measurement

PubMatic takes a look at how in-app advertisers should be using IAB Tech Lab’s Open Measurement SDK to help brands engage with confidence



The Future of Attribution is Already Here

The future of attribution is cookie-less, privacy-secure, enables cross-media measurement and is highly effective, writes AudienceProject’s Commercial Director Martyn Bentley.


Intelligent Connectivity

5G will accelerate the transition to a more digitised lifestyle

With the 5G roll-out well underway in the UK, Verizon Media’s Kirstiana Carlet explores the opportunities this presents for brands and how it will accelerate our transition into a fully digital world.



Getting the Measure of a Post-Cookie World

How will cross-channel targeting and online measurement work in our privacy-first era? Chris Turner, MediaCom’s Digital Investment Director, explains.



Tap to the Future: Understanding in-app advertising

How can brands best tap into the fast growing market of in-app advertising? Neil Bruce, Senior Director of Business Development, Brands EMEA at ironSource takes a look.



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Next Chapter: Shopability and the Purchase Journey

In this chapter we’ll be taking a deeper look into performance driven innovations that will revolutionise our understanding of the consumer purchase journey. We’ll be looking into the current and future game-changing innovations that will help influence consumer decision making and highlight the opportunities within eCommerce for brands moving forward.