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Chapter Five: Using Digital For Good

Digital-First Talent as a Vehicle for Change

How can influencer marketing see brands drive engaging dialogue on societal issues and use social media for good? Amy Bryant-Jeffries, Partnerships Director at Gleam Futures fills us in.


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Using Digital For Good

Protecting User Privacy in the Digital Advertising Ecosystem

Raina Roberts, Sales Manager EMEA at Smartology, explores how the push to a more privacy-focused digital advertising landscape is taking place at a time when digital creativity and innovation have never been more important.


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Inclusive Design: Bridging the digital divide and increasing ROI

What is inclusive design and why should businesses be taking note of it? Tugba Erdem, UX Strategist at SHERPA explains.


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Next Chapter: Old Take, Fresh Tech

This chapter will take a deeper look into how traditional marketing techniques and practices are being rejuvenated and adapted for a digital world. From Automated Digital Out of Home to the rebirth of Contextual Advertising, we will examine how new technologies paired with creative thinking have provided a platform for innovation.