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Chapter Four: Shopability and the Purchase Journey

How Shoppable Video Can Unlock Additional Revenue for Advertisers

From hot-spotted product galleries to 360° virtual showrooms, Les Seifer, VP Head of Creative, and Nick Woodford, Global Content and Engagement Manager at Unruly/Tremor Video, explore the innovative possibilities of shoppable video.


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Shopability and the Purchase Journey

Scommerce: The Redefinition of Retail

Following on from her contribution to the 2018 Guide to Digital Innovation, TRIBE’s Lisa Targett explores how the evolution of Scommerce is redefining how brands engage with the online retail world.


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Shopping in an Era of Search

Johnson Kitete, Head of Biddable at Total Media, on how developments such as 5G and AR are helping to make search shopping ads more experiential.


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The Evolution of Performance Marketing

Kevin Edwards, Global Strategy Director at Awin, explains how advertisers can effectively leverage affiliate marketing to drive returns.


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Next Chapter: Using Digital For Good

In an increasingly digital world, it is easy to become too focussed on the financial and performance benefits of innovations. In this chapter, we will take a step back and examine how innovations in the way we use the digital world can have a positive effect on society, and how - when leveraged correctly - the activity we launch can benefit everyone within the supply chain, from publisher to consumer.


Using Digital for good