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We’ve teamed up with research consultancy MTM to take an in-depth look at the Direct to Consumer (DTC) market. These digital born brands are reshaping the world of retail and bypassing established routes to market to offer convenient, high-quality, personalised products. 

This report identifies 50 of the UK’s leading DTC brands, explores key behaviours and preferences of DTC consumers, shines a spotlight on the founders and explores how agency partners and media owners can best work with DTC clients.  

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What makes DTC consumers different?

In a survey of 2,000 people, conducted with MTM, we gained some key insights and a clear picture of DTC customers’ shared traits and values. 

Today’s DTC customers have a number of distinguishing factors and share many behaviours and preferences. They are likely to be early adopters, tell people about the brands they love and pay extra for convenience, personalisation and ethical products. 

To find out more about DTC consumers, you can view the full report here.