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Case study: Brushbox

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Who are Brushbox?

Brushbox is the UK’s first sustainable oral health subscription service, delivering customers environmentally friendly bamboo toothbrushes every two months.

Where did it all start?

Founder Mike Donovan was inspired with the idea for Brushbox back in 2006, following a conversation with a friend about how regularly people change their toothbrushes. Before launching the business in 2017, Mike dedicated a year to learning about the industry and best practices from other Direct to Consumer businesses.

What’s the marketing approach?

For Brushbox, achieving the lowest customer acquisition cost is not necessarily as important as bringing in high value subscribers. While special offers can generate interest in high volumes, subscription businesses need to consider how to maximise lifetime customer value. The Brushbox marketing team test different approaches to work out which strategies work best to attract loyal customers with long-term interest in the product.

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Tell us about customer relationships

Brushbox recognises that being first to market isn’t enough: consumer options are vast and few barriers prevent competitors replicating its model. Instead, the brand concentrates on ensuring its products and service are top quality and that it delivers on its promises in order to attract and retain customers.

Tell us a fun fact

70% of people in the UK use toothbrushes for longer than they should.

What is company culture like?

In line with the Brushbox mission to make day-to-day dental care easier and more accessible, the company works with the charity Dentaid to extend its products to people in need. Brushbox donates a toothbrush for each one sold and supports the Dentaid BrightBites project; teaching children in schools about the importance of oral health.

Brushbox fun fact

The big, established FMCG brands have realised that they have minimal touch points with their consumers. We have an advantage there.

Mike Donovan, Founder & CEO, Brushbox