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Case study: eve

eve founder

Who are eve?

eve, the European sleep wellness brand, is shaking up the tired UK bedding industry, one mattress-in-a-box at a time.

Mattresses are typically a ‘grudge’ purchase, until recently dominated by out-of-town retail parks with a 4-6 week delivery window. By delivering next generation memory foam mattresses rolled up in a compact ergonomic box, eve have revolutionised the logistics and buying process, resulting in a quicker and easier customer experience.

Where did it all start?

Founded in London in 2014, eve’s ambition is to give everyone the best possible start by making better sleep accessible to everyone. eve’s innovative mattresses combine a slice of memory foam underneath an aeration layer; to give the support of memory foam without the risk of overheating associated with older styles.

eve’s approach to sales has evolved over time. Realising that some buyers prefer to feel a mattress before buying, it has partnered with retailers like Next and is considering the possibility of physical outlets in the future.

What’s the marketing approach?

eve believe that a mixture of performance marketing and brand building is key to driving a sustainable business in the long term. A strong brand brings relevance, trust and front of mind awareness when a potential customer comes into the market for a mattress.

It uses out-of-home branding to create awareness, capitalised upon by ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google. Building a high level of brand awareness and trust has helped eve expand and launch new products as a recognised leader in the sleep space.


Tell us about customer relationships

Keen to keep the initial proposition simple, eve started out offering one mattress. When customer feedback from the few that returned the product suggested that half of users found the mattress too hard, and half too soft, the team decided that one size won't fit all.

To meet individual customers’ comfort requirements, eve developed a hybrid mattress – combining foam with springs – and extended the range to offer a number of options, including a premium version.

How is data used?

Concerned with measurements that neglect the traffic driven by visitors who have been exposed to multiple touchpoints, the marketing team are experimenting with attribution models that look beyond last click. They want to understand how the marketing ecosystem works holistically, rather than just optimising channel by channel, worrying that this can lead to short-term decision making.

Tell us a fun fact

eve’s logo, a yellow sun, is designed to evoke the energy and well-being that comes with a good night’s sleep.


What is company culture like?

Wellness is at the heart of eve’s mission, binding together the brand but also the internal culture. The company hosts Wednesday breakfast talks, weekly yoga sessions along with giving employees the option of flexible working hours, helping promote a healthy mind and body. As CEO James Sturrock says: “I'm a strong believer that one should live the brand internally as well as externally.”

eve product image

We don’t think about the competition much. Instead, we obsess about how we can do more for customers. That is what drives our product range expansion, our delivery options and our evolving customer experience.

James Sturrock, CEO, eve