Tug delivers results for remote working software brand GoToMeeting



GoToMeeting is a remote working software that simplifies how people interact with each other globally, to drive meaningful insight, deeper relationships and better outcomes. With GoToMeeting’s digital acquisition revenue flatlining, it needed to kickstart international growth. 

What was the role of digital in the media mix?

Tug implemented best practice pay-per-click, display and social advertising, focussing on business-to-business audience data in order to improve campaign efficiencies.

In major European transport hubs, creative across digital and out-of-home ads targeted more engaged business segments looking to ‘have better meetings’.

Real-time channel attribution was achieved with a bespoke technology stack merging agency and client customer data, along with testing and agreeing the best audiences, creative assets and media models. Tug also implemented an agile international roll-out plan, testing markets with established and emerging SME communities, with high search intent.

Different media mixes were rolled out depending on the product’s market maturity, which also included SEO in established markets where the client wanted to reduce dependence on paid media.


Key statistics


YoY trial volumes


Non-brand trials

What results did you attain? What was the biggest achievement?

  • Tug drove 85% of all digital acquisition

  • Exceeded quarterly year-on-year trial volumes by 65%

  • During an expected seasonal decline we increased non-brand trials by 20%


In a sentence…

Tug delivers results for remote working software brand GoToMeeting


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