Sports apparel brand scores greater reach with Connected TV



Digitas UK was tasked with maximising reach for a sports apparel brand across 
the United Kingdom and Germany using both Connected TV (CTV) and online video. 

The brand wanted to achieve a video completion rate (VCR) of at least 70% across both of these channels. 

By using private marketplace (PMP) deals across multiple publishers (such as SpotX and Smartclip) Digitas UK activated CTV buys across both the UK and Germany. 

What was the role of digital within the media mix?

Alongside the use of CTV and online video, backup strategies included contextual and audience video-on-demand (VOD) to pace campaigns in full where CTV inventory was limited. 

Furthermore, the agency activated demand-side platform (DSP) The Trade Desk’s cross-device tool, Identity Alliance, for VOD buying, to increase audience reach across desktop and mobile. The Trade Desk helps agencies and advertisers leverage technology to manage campaigns.

For Germany, where multiple CTV deals were active, spend was prioritised towards best performance strategies through The Trade Desk’s AutoAllocator tool. This automatically prioritises budgets to the highest-performing ad groups, without the need for constant adjustments.



The advertiser saw great success as a result of the approach taken, exceeding KPI performance by 12% with an overall CTV completion rate of 91%.

Across both markets, 42% of total spend went to CTV through the application
 of The Trade Desk’s AutoAllocator tool.

On top of that, unique reach for the two markets combined to
 3 million users total through the use of CTV targeting. 

What’s more, thanks to this approach, the brand’s workflow was streamlined thanks to effective use of automated strategies, freeing the team up to focus on other key tasks. 

Key statistic


Connected TV (CTV) completion rate

In a sentence...

Sports apparel brand maximises reach across the UK and Germany using automatic allocation tool for Connected TV and online video.

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