Quintain Living optimises for leads with Facebook’s custom event conversions

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Quintain Living offers a new, hassle-free approach to London property rentals with its Wembley Park development of high-end, fully furnished apartments. With seven buildings to choose from, Quintain Living caters for diverse requirements, from pet-friendly accommodation to on-site gym facilities. There is no deposit to pay, and no hidden fees. Utilities and free WiFi are all set up and ready to go. The residents also have access to communal rooftop gardens, work-from-home areas and resident kitchens and lounges, all of which are included in the monthly rent.

The Goal: Quintain Living wanted to drive leads – in the form of website registrations – from potential renters. Having already run similar campaigns on Facebook, Quintain Living was keen to refine its approach and learn how to achieve even better results than before.

What was the role of digital within the media mix?

Quintain Living and digital advertising agency NMPi by Incubeta decided to try a more streamlined approach to finding prospective leads on Facebook. Following Facebook’s best practices, they simplified the account structure by combining ad sets and consolidating campaigns to allow Facebook’s machine learning to optimise for better results. They also set up custom event conversions for when people made a website enquiry or clicked to open an enquiry form, and then used the event with highest volumes as a conversion event for optimisation.

The subsequent prospecting campaigns were targeted to Quintain Living’s core demographic of people aged 25–35 in the greater London area, as well as website Custom Audiences and lookalike audiences similar to existing Quintain Living renters. These people saw video ads, ads in carousel format, and boosted posts featuring visually appealing 360-degree images of the development. Automatic placements ensured that ads were seen in the placements that were most likely to drive the desired results.

The “Boob Bot” experience itself, when opened, asked viewers a few questions about their breasts or pecs—including which terms they preferred to use in reference to their own body. Depending on the answers received, it then showed people the best method of examining themselves and invited them to sign up for monthly self-check reminders.

Key statistics


Increase in leads


decrease in cost-per-lead


more enquiries overall

What results did you attain? What was the biggest achievement?

Between March 1–31, 2020, Quintain Living’s streamlined approach showed much-improved results, compared to similar campaigns it had previously run. The combination of visually striking ads and sophisticated optimisation techniques achieved:

  • 4X increase in leads

  • 50% decrease in cost per lead

  • 2.4X more enquiries overall

What was the killer headline?

Optimising for leads with Facebook’s custom event conversions

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