Programmatic OOH drives increased footfall to high street retailer



As a result of the pandemic, high street retailer have never faced a more pressing need to attract people into their stores. Facing changing restrictions and lockdowns across 2020, our retailer, along with others on the high street were suffering from declining footfall.

Last year as the UK headed towards a second national lockdown, Talon Media’s client our retailer decided to activate a programmatic OOH media plan to target segmented audiences with the specific aim of driving footfall from the high street into their stores. They had two target audiences in mind, first they wanted to convince their existing customers to return in-store. Their secondary and more pressing opportunity was to speak to those who were already out on the high street, but visiting competitor stores, and entice them inside their store.

It was clear that proximity would play a key role in the campaign, with contextualised creative and proximity Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) being key for the retailer to achieve their set objectives.

What was the role of digital within the media mix?

DOOH was the perfect lead medium to drive footfall into store. In Ada, Talon’s DMP, a custom audience segment was built, comprising of consumers who had visited either the retailer or a competitor store within geo-fenced locations in the last 12 months. Talon then analysed the selected audience movement behaviours in order to identify the digital OOH locations it knew would reach the custom audience segment.

Through Atlas, Talon’s DMP, the campaign was booked to run on the optimised panels during the times the segmented audience would be in the area.

Key statistics

3.2 million

Campaign impressions


Increase in store visits

What results did you attain? What was the biggest achievement?

The campaign delivered 3.2 million impressions, a 650% uplift in on target delivery of the retailer’s custom audience segment. 

Frequency of store visits rose by 26% during the campaign period, with 29% of store visitors having been exposed to the DOOH campaign.

The campaign helped the retailer combat the 17% decline seen across UK high streets. The retailer experienced just a 1% decrease in footfall across their stores throughout the campaign period, outperforming the competition which saw a 13% decrease over the same period.

Through embracing new technology and methodologies the retailer was able to activate a complex media plan designed specifically to deliver their message to the right people – within a fraction of time and budget that would otherwise be needed to achieve the same results.


What's the killer headline?

Programmatic OOH drives increased footfall to high street retailer during pandemic

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