Pharma brand surpasses goals using automated demographic targeting

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Agency Zenith was tasked to run a video campaign for a well-known hay fever remedy, targeting a fixed demographic of females between the ages of 35 and 54 in the UK. It had a video completion rate (VCR) goal of 70%.

Demand-side platform The Trade Desk was brought in to help with automated demographic targeting and streamlining workflow. It uses third-party data from its data management platform to identify high on-target percentages for a given demographic.

The pharma brand used its VCR and auto optimisation tools to push spend in the right directions, aware that programmatic can be complex enough without dedicating hours to manually configuring every campaign.

What was the role of digital within the media mix?

The Trade Desk’s VCR tool uses an algorithm that responds by incorporating historical platform-wide video data across a variety of targeting parameters to boost performance.

In addition, its Koa™ Auto Optimization tool helped push spend towards publishers and sites that were performing well. This artificial intelligence tool is built on The Trade Desk’s massive data set to help media buyers and traders harness data patterns efficiently, bringing data-driven learnings to the forefront of advertising strategy.

Meanwhile, The Trade Desk’s AutoAllocator product was used to prioritise highest-performing ad groups, without the need for manual monitoring and adjustment.

Key statistics


Video completion rate (VCR)


Unique reach


Cost per completed view


Zenith achieved an impressive VCR of 72%.

Unique reach of the targeted demographic was 355,000 people. Additionally, the agency achieved a cost per completed view of £0.02.


In a sentence...

Pharma brand exceeds campaign goals thanks to automated demographic targeting, achieving a VCR of 72%.

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