Mainline Menswear tailors its advertising to boost results

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Large retailers rely on their brand recognition and scale. Smaller companies have to compete in ever more ingenious ways.

Launched online in 2004, Mainline Menswear has the distinct advantage of being a nimble, digital-native start-up with a keen focus on customer service and next-day delivery. Though relatively small, the company is growing rapidly. It sells 10,000 items across close to 100 designer brands. With a growing customer base, Mainline Menswear is poised to expand internationally beyond its UK roots.

Mainline Menswear has been able to expand in the face of competition due to its clever online advertising operation, carefully targeting audiences with messaging around free next-day delivery, loyalty rewards, and special offers.

What was the role of digital within the media mix?

Mainline Menswear used Adobe Advertising Cloud to sharpen its competitive advantage - reacting to demand quickly and achieving higher returns on its paid search spending.

The tool’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities played a big role in transforming the company’s PPC strategy. The Performance Optimisation feature, by Adobe Sensei, allowed marketers to set goals for different audiences and devices, and then let the algorithms adjust bids accordingly, freeing up marketers to think strategically.

“With its AI capabilities, Adobe Advertising Cloud allows us to spend more time on long-term performance and growth rather than simply reacting to short-term fluctuations,” says Robert Charlton, PPC lead at Mainline Menswear. “We can focus on making our campaigns as clean and targeted as possible, blocking irrelevant traffic, and delivering ad messages that are as engaging as possible for target audiences.”

Key statistics


Return on ad spend


Increase in sales


New customers

What results did you attain? What was the biggest achievement?

The Black Friday numbers signalled the success of the campaign, showing lower acquisition costs and more efficient use of the budget. The company increased return on ad spend by 21% compared to the previous year’s Black Friday. With only a 4% rise in cost, the company achieved 33% and 26% gains in orders and revenue, respectively.  

The company also attracted 30,000 new customers on top of its existing customer base and drove a 30% increase in sales over the holiday period. 

In a sentence...

Mainline Menswear create a bespoke approach to paid search.

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