Electric car plugs into new audience by optimising digital

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A well-known car brand wanted to promote its electric car, so agency Manning Gottlieb OMD was tasked with getting customers to make low funnel actions on its website with the aim of driving engagement and interaction with the models.

The first step taken was to generate a campaign plan using The Trade Desk’s ‘Planner’ tool, which helps generate, analyse, and launch data-driven, programmatic media plans. This would suggest an efficient way to allocate budget and develop custom ad groups.

Another of its tools, Audience Predictor, which runs an automated lookalike model against an advertiser’s pixels, and adjusts audiences as campaigns progress, helped to create a target audience by running a lookalike model that identified high-value audiences.

The third step was to push these pre-built ad groups live into The Trade Desk platform, which allows traders to see who they are targeting and blocking, and make further optimisations by surfacing data-driven recommendations.

In addition, the agency ran a lookalike model using The Trade Desk’s data management platform (DMP), consisting of owners of the advertiser’s electric car from the CRM database. Finally, the agency used KoaTM Audience Excluder which helped it to exclude poorly performing segments such as low income, travel and video game audiences.

What was the role of digital within the media mix? 

In this campaign, human input merged with big data to allow the automotive brand to make more strategic decisions and drive efficiency. For instance, KoaTM is an AI product designed to help advertisers use data-driven insights to plan, forecast and buy digital media more effectively. Its forecasting engine is built on The Trade Desk’s data set – including nearly nine million queries every second – to help buyers extend audience reach and spend more efficiently. Together with the prediction, planning and interface tools, the approach taken meant that the trading of digital media was optimised to drive success for the automotive brand. 

Key statistic


reduction in cost

What results did you attain? What was the biggest achievement?

The campaign resulted in a 29% reduction in cost per leads compared to previous bursts of activity for the electric vehicle. 

The DMP audience lookalike modelling also led to the discovery of an entirely new segment, comprising philanthropic and education jobs. This brought additional value to the client that will work to its advantage in future campaigns. 

What’s more, the agency achieved lower bids for poor-performing sites after applying KoaTM site bid factor recommendations to the campaign. 

Overall, it was clear that data-driven insights were delivering better planning, smarter buying and stronger performance for the automotive brand.


In a sentence...

How a global automotive brand uncovered a new audience for its electric cars whilst decreasing cost per acquisition and inventory costs. 

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