Direct Line Group calls on data to unlock hidden value



Direct Line Group wanted to consolidate fragmented data across the business and improve understanding around its customers’ digital journeys. With the aim of creating a unified view of customers’ behaviours online and linking them with economic factors (for instance, to quantify how much ‘drop-outs’ are costing them), Direct Line Group also wanted to have more efficient access to data to implement key insights more easily, thereby optimising marketing effectiveness.

In order to create a consolidated view of the brand’s customer journeys, independent attribution provider Fospha Marketing helped Direct Line Group to combine existing siloed data using a customer data platform (CDP). This was then combined with data from a variety of different sources, including Adobe digital and webchat, to highlight customer behaviours.

Using a CDP in this way to unify fragmented data sources in one place enabled the brand to undertake analysis that was essential for deriving insights to improve and enhance customer experience. This led to the team being able to make more informed decisions, following analysis of behaviour alongside a multi-channel view of performance.

What was the role of digital within the media mix?

Using Fospha Marketing’s Query tool, the insurer was able to navigate its data and create easy-to-use reports. The Direct Line team now has direct access to its database where the team can query all of the data, in one place.

This has made creating, sharing and implementing insights far more efficient, with the analytics and data team able to prioritise analysis over finding or cleaning data. It has also made the data highly visible and easy to consume to the rest of the business, thanks to there being a single source of customer data within a platform environment.

Key Statistic

500 days

saved per year

What results did you attain? What was the biggest achievement?

Consolidating the brand’s data into a CDP has enabled the team to save approximately 500 days of analyst time per year. According to Dan Bennetts, Data Insight Manager at Direct Line Group, the team anticipates even more significant rewards in the short and long term as it branches out into more areas such as market and competitor data.

A singular, detailed view of customers’ digital journeys has already allowed Direct Line Group to identify the biggest ‘drop out’ areas in its online marketing and to highlight the economic effects these have on both conversion rate and revenue, showing how key insights can enable marketers to unlock value and drive growth.

Now that a data infrastructure is in place, the department can look to ensure it is used even more comprehensively, with output growing year-on-year as more sources of intelligence are added.


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How Direct Line Group unlocked the hidden value of its data to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

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