MEMBER RESEARCH: UKOM Insights - Who is the 'mobile only' audience?


Using UKOM approved comScore data, this report provides insights into who the 'mobile only' audience are.

Latest UKOM approved comScore data shows that in December 2016, three quarters (74%) of online adults are now multi-platform – that is they use both a laptop or desktop AND a mobile device – either a smartphone or tablet – to access the internet. The remainder access using either desktop only (16%) or mobile only (10%).

The theory that large swathes of Britons are deserting the desktop in favour of mobile devices does not seem to stack up. comScore data over the last 2 years shows that desktop audiences and time online is flat.  However, although most of the UK adult online population is not in a rush to abandon the desktop, the 4 million who are currently ‘mobile only’ is not an insignificant number. This month UKOM asks - 'who is the mobile only audience?'

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