Glastonbury & Taylor Swift tour draw online audiences in June

Posted on Wednesday 09 August 2023 | IAB UK

UKOM’s June 2023 Digital Market Overview shows that smartphones accounted for 77% of the UK’s time spent online

Key findings from UKOM’s June 2023 Digital Market Overview - using UKOM endorsed data from Ipsos iris - include: 

  • The average time spent online stands at 3hrs 40mins, with the majority of that (2hrs, 59mins) spent on smartphones 
  • In fact, an average of 77% of the population’s time spent online is via smartphones
  • Music events generated a lot of interest in June - Glastonbury’s website had almost 2m visitors and BBC iPlayer saw audiences surge, while 856,000 people flocked to Ticketmaster’s website on the day that registration for Taylor Swift’s UK tour opened
  • The fate of the Titanic submersible dominated the news agenda, with the largest news audiences on 22 June - the day OceanGate confirmed the submersible had imploded

Download the full report here.

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