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Using UKOM approved comScore data, this report aims to provide insights into what happened in the last two major UK votes

This time last year, much of the UK population were still deciding which way to vote in the Brexit Referendum. This time 2 years ago, the country had just cast their vote on which party they wanted to lead the country. For the third successive year, the UK is about to take to the polls.  It’s unusual to have three major political votes in quick succession but that’s good news for UKOM as it means we can look at what happened in previous years to try and understand what may happen next month in terms of where people are seeking their information. 

If data from the last 2 years is anything to go by, the traditional newspaper titles could be set for some big audience uplifts online.  Although many people now use social media to keep them up to date on news, visits to the major press brands all increased during the month of the last two major votes. It seems that when there is a prominent news event, people also turn to traditional news providers online.

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